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Summer Term 2 - June to July 2021

Talk 4 Writing - The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle

Our book is The Very Hungry Caterpillar written and illustrated by Eric Carle. We hope that the children will love the story and will learn lots about caterpillars and butterflies through fun play activities that we will take part in to support their learning.

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Topic - Creepy Crawlies (Insects)

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For the rest of the Summer Term we are going to be out and about looking for 'creepy crawlies' and learning about what they do in the world around us. We hope to have some of our own caterpillars so that we can watch as they transform into beautiful butterflies and maybe learn about how some of the other insects we find can help us too! 



For the remainder of the year we will continue with counting numbers 1-5+ (and recognising the numerals) along with 2D shapes and pattern. As our topic is 'Creepy Crawlies' we will be able to support the children in recognising shapes and patterns when we're taking part in activities inside and outside of nursery.



We will look at how Celebrations can be times that we share with our families and our church communities. The children will find out about different kinds of celebrations that take plave in church and in particular weddings. They will hear some stories of Celebration from the bible and how people may wear special clothes for these happy events. We hope that we will be able to visit St Anne's Church with the children (if current restrictions are relaxed).


Week Beginning 7th June 2021

At last summer has arrived! We welcomed the children back along with the great weather this week! The children started the week by listening to 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar'. We talked about what they thought would happen. Lots of children were already familiar with the story. There was plenty of excitement when their very own hungry caterpillars arrived in nursery on Wednesday. We will be watching and waiting to see what happens to them.

On Wednesday, the children started to think about what 'Celebration' means to them and what kind of celebrations we might have in church. We look forward to finding out more in the coming weeks.

We've also been practicing counting and recognising our numerals. We have spent lots of time outside enjoying the beautiful weather and finished our week with a Bug Hunt. We were surprised to find so many different bugs, including dragonflies and Mrs Orife saw a centipede! 



Week 2 - beginning 14th June 2021

We have had a fantastic week in Nursery! On Monday we went to the Music room for our first music lesson with Mrs Asbury, in person. We have enjoyed the beautiful weather and practiced keeping cool in the heat (we had a small paddling pool to help us) and we also saw that our caterpillars have reached their chrysalis/pupa stage of their transformation.

We ended the week with a trip to Buckleberry Farm. The rain fell in 'buckets' but hopefully the children enjoyed meeting the different farm animals, pets and of course deer on our tractor ride! 

A heartfelt thanks to all the mums who volunteered to accompany us and helped make the day more enjoyable. Thank you for all your help and for not complaining about the weather. The children were amazing and we are so proud of them!  

Week 3 - beginning 21st June 2021

What a week we've had at Nursery! Our pupas have become butterflies and we've released them and we've had our Nursery Sports Morning! 

The children were amazed to see how quickly the butterflies emerged from their pupas and were very excited to set them free. On Thursday they all had a wonderful time coompleting their circuits and taking part in their races for their Sports Morning. All the children were fantastic and took part in the events with enthusiasm. Well done everyone! 

You can see photos of the Sports Morning under the tab Sports Day Photos 2021. If you scroll to the bottom you will see a slide show of the images.

Here are some photographs of our butterflies...

Don't forget to look at the Sports Day Photos!

Week 4 - beginning 28th June 2021

We have had lots of exciting activities this week, in Nursery. They started Monday, with some Maths and sorting 2D shapes followed by a drum lesson with Mrs Asbury, in the Music room, where lots of different drums were laid out for the children to try. The were able to take it in turns and swap when Mrs Asbury asked them to change drums. Well done everyone!

The children also talked about the different countries that their families are from and saw the flags from those countries. They were then given the opportunity to make their 'own' flag with different art and crafts materials.

Before we had to close Nursery, the children were also able to use their developing observation and fine motor skills to make some butterflies, bees and ladybirds to decorate our classroom. The next time you visit nursery please try to spot some of their creations. Well done everyone!   

Week 5 - beginning Monday 5th July

We had to close nursery for this week but activities were posted onto Tapestry and Mrs Orife and Miss France hosted a morning and afternoon Zoom meeting to keep in touch with the children and encourage them with their home learning. 

Mrs Orife would like to thank all the parents for participating with the activities and for attending the Zoom meetings with their children. 

God bless you and see you on Monday 12th July!

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