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Year 5

Welcome to the Year Five Page!

Class reward time!

As a reward for filling up our class marble jar, we have had a treat afternoon of pyjamas, pizza and a film! Keep up the great work Year 5! 

Rockets and Fast Cars

Our Topic this term is Rockets and Fast Cars, so Year 5 are learning all about forces and how to manufacture a car. On Friday we not only launched our topic, but we also launched rockets to see who could shoot them the highest! As one of the key skills that we will be looking at this term is teamwork, we also did the Tower of Power - a challenge where children must communicate effectively to work together. 

Mummifying Madness!

We have been learning all about the ancient Egyptian death rituals as part of our topic this term so we thought that it would be fitting to test out the mummification process ourselves! Disclaimer: No bodies were harmed during the making of these mummies. (We used a combination of salt, bicarbonate of soda, cinnamon and cloves to stuff an orange)

Trip to the cinema

As we have filled our marble jar again, we went to the cinema to celebrate! Keep it up Year 5 and there will be many more treats in store!

Year 5 and the environment

Since learning about the environment and climate change in Term 1, we have become incredibly passionate about our world. The whole-school Environment Day (11/11/19) was a fantastic opportunity for us to enjoy spending time outside, appreciating the things we often overlook. This time provided a stimulus for writing about the environment and in the afternoon, we went on to make seed bombs! Everybody loved getting stuck in and mixing the soil, clay, seeds and water. The result was lots of messy hands, big smiles and trays of seed bombs! Some children also had the opportunity to help make raised flower beds which will go on the school field.

The week was rounded off by the Year 5 assembly to the whole school and everybody did a brilliant job. Great work Year 5!

14/10/19 - We filled our marble jar!

Year 5 have done a fantastic job of settling in to the new year and have filled our marble jar. As our treat, we played games during the day and baked cookies. 


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