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Welcome to Year 5


Term 3

Week 1

To kick off our topic, Year 5 designed and tested paper airplanes. Watch this space for our future engineers!

Week 2

To finish off our Christmas unit, we have been considering the difficult decision King Herod made. Have a look at the photos of the children's drama and diary entries written from Herod's and Mary's perspective.

Week 3

As we have been learning about Buddhism, we have heard different stories and acted them out. We have also been testing whether the aerodynamics of cars affects the distance it will travel. In PE, the children have been creating their own dances which include unison, canon, pathways, levels and formations. We have also been matching words with their synonyms in Literacy. Please do have a look and see if your children can use them in conversation!


Term 2

Have a look at the photos of Year 5 doing judo!

After spending a lot of time practising, Year 5 lead the KS2 Christmas Carol service brilliantly! 

Term 1


The first RE unit we have done this year is Creation. We have learnt about the creation stories in Genesis 1 and Genesis 2 and discussed the different reasons we should praise God the Creator. After studying Saint Francis of Assisi's Canticle to the Sun, we wrote our own Canticle to Creation. Please have a look at some of the examples below. 

A visit from Dr Diane - a Maya Archaeologist!

We were fortunate to be visited by Dr Diane, the only archaeologist who specialises in the Maya. She shared her experiences of being an archaeologist and living in the rainforest alongside teaching us lots about the Maya. She showed us some artefacts, busted some Maya Myths and signposted us to her website. Be sure to check it out! https://www.mayaarchaeologist.co.uk/ 

Percussion Workshop 6/10/21

Today, Year 5 and 6 took part in a body percussion workshop by The Beat Goes On. The children experimented with the different sounds they could create with their bodies and explored rhythm. Please ask your child to show you what they can do! 

The Maya

This term, our topic is The Maya. As part of this, we have learnt about the ancient ball game of pok-a-tok. Not only are we reading a book about it (Rain Player by David Wisniewski), but we also tried to play it! Have a look at some of the photos below!

The beginning of term

We were so excited to welcome the children back into school. We started the year by learning that St Anne's has partnered up with Ol Moran School in Kenya. We considered 'what's outside our window' and decided to create and annotate some art about the facilities we have at school and our experiences. By doing this, we hope to create a dialogue about the similarities and differences between our schools. We are really looking forward to developing this friendship further.

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