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Welcome to Year 5

mission statement

Autumn 2

Week 5

Year 5 class was visited by a naughty Elf...

The children were very excited on Thursday morning because they found a letter from an Elf and chocolate coins in their trays! Unfortunately, due to their excitement, they lost their first mission when they told us (Mr G. and Mrs L.) straight away!  Hopefully, he'll be back tomorrow with another mission! Teachers watch out for any mischief there's an Elf around determined to get the year 5 children in trouble!

Advent kindness calendar full of promises and sweet treats too!

On Thursday, we opened the first day of our Advent kindness calendar, inside we found lollies and a note that said 'Be kind!' to remind us that Advent is a time when we prepare for the second coming of Jesus. 

One world Council

During Gospel Assembly, Mrs McVeigh gave out to all One World Council members a certificate and a Cross pin. Well done Tallianna and Cheyenne, we have faith in you and know you will be amazing!


Class liturgical prayer marking the first week of Advent!


Week 4

RE -We learnt about Pilgrimages

Class Liturgical Prayer


PE -Tag Rugby

Break the rule day!

Not only we came to school wearing our home clothes, with our nails painted and hair dyed but we also  decided (because we have been doing amazingly with our learning) to skip Math and watch Wale vs Iran game instead! We love breaking the rules!

Week 3

Children In Need

We wore spotty clothes, donated money for children in need and above all had a fun day playing board games, writing acrostic poems and solving clues to escape the classroom!

Practising for the carol service, enjoy this sneak peek...


Year 5 one world council representatives, Tallianna and Cheyenne, are ready to inspire their friends and lead by example!!

one world counsil

Class liturgical prayer beautifully led by Ben, Weronika and Saad!

class liturgical prayer

Week 2

For Rememberance Day we held one minute silence...


.... also, prepared, read aloud and performed a poem! Lest we forget!


PE- Tag rugby

Class liturgical prayer

cl2 (1)

Week 1

Music- Singing a capella a South African song! We tried our best!


RE - Acting out the sacrament of the sick!

Maths-Learning about Cube numbers

We went to church to celebrate all saints day! We were very well-behaved!

Autumn Term 1

Week 7

We filled our marble jar...again!

Our treat this time was a whole afternoon on the chrome books! We loved it!


We finished our news paper reports and they are amazing, full of relatives clause, parenthesis, modal verbs and passive voice! 

Week 6

RE Acting out The miracle of Jesus feeding the 5,000!

Designing our Christmas cards whilst singing Christmas songs! Jingle Bells...

Watching a cyber safety play...to remind us or teach how to stay safe online!

Week 5

PE Hockey match


Literacy Starting our innovation


Week 4

Literacy, learning how to use modal verbs and relatives clauses in our writing!

Class liturgy with lovely year 6s!


RE Our drawing to Praise God for creating such a lovely world for us!

PE Hockey, learning how to pass the ball!

Week 3

Music! Singing about the Nile! We sound great don't you agree?


Guided Reading!



Enjoying provision, after working hard with our Math! We love it and we strive for it every day, in every lesson! 

Week 2

Class Assembly for our Beloved late Queen!


French -Singing/Learning Question words!

IMG_1393.MOVQuestion words

Literacy - Perfoming Poetry

For the past two weeks, in year 5, we have been looking at different poets. Exploring different styles, looking at the language and expressive devices they use, expressing our opinion and finally using all this knowledge to write our own poems and ofcourse performing them! We did great!


PE Hockey-Rather tricky but Fun!


Week 1

We are back!

We are all so excited to be back in school!

We spent the first couple days catching up with things we've been up to during the holidays, getting used to the new routines and of course learning!

PE -Blip Tests


Using the library to get our love of reading book and reading quietly!

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