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At St'Anne's Primary School, we believe that children have a right to expect a curriculum which is fun, motivating, interesting and most importantly purposeful. We strive to develop imagination through a stimulating, creative environment where every child has the opportunity to shine.Therefore, we aim to deliver all subjects thoughtfully and to make links that are relevant, appropriate and purposeful to the area of learning

In French, children begin their learning journey in year 3 by first learning how to give and respond to simple greetings and give basic information about themselves.They also become familiar with all the French phonic sounds and use these to work out how to pronounce new and unfamiliar vocabulary. 

During lessons,  children take part in a variety of activities to ensure that a passion for French is developed. We role play, play different games, cook, sing and learn interesting facts about French culture.

Please click on the links below  for the termly MFL details for the each year group:

Autumn Term 2

Autumn Term 1

Year 6 Special Guest!

This week in Year 6,  we had a special visitor, Ms Laila Bendaud came and she tried to answer all our questions regarding French culture and language. After she answered all our questions, she shared with us her favourite book ' Le petit Prince'. We had an amazing afternoon, we learned a lot! Thank you so much Ms Bendaud!


Dancing out 'jours et mois'!


Year 4 and 5 Quel age as tu?


Autumn 2 week 3

In year 4 and 5,  we had fun practicing our numbers 1-20 playing bingo!


Autumn 2 week 2

In year 6, we had lots of fun dancing out 'le jours de la semaine', days of the week!


Autumn 2 week 1

Les jours de la semaine...

Quel est le jour aujourd'hui?

Aujourd'hui c'est lundi.

In year 4 and 5, we learned the days of the week in French and role played how to ask and answer a question.


Autumn 1 week 5

Who doesn't like games? In year 4, we certainly do! So, this week  in French we had a lot fun learning through playing. Hangman and I am thinking of a word...


Year 3 Bonjour Au revoir


Year 4 and 5 Items of clothing

This week the children in year 4 and 5 had fun playing a game and at the same time learning different items of clothing in french.

Je mets un pantalon.

Tu mets un Tee-shirt?

Je mets un Chapeau.

Tu mets un pull?

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