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Intent/What we aim to do through our MFL Curriculum

At St. Anne's, the intention of our MFL curriculum is to develop an interest in and thirst for learning other languages. We aim to introduce the learning of the French language and the understanding of its culture in enjoyable and stimulating ways. We hope to embed the essential skills of listening, reading, speaking and writing. We aim to build the children’s ‘culture capital’ so that they are aware of similarities and differences between cultures. In short, we hope to lay the foundations for future language learning.

Adaptations are made to MFL lessons to ensure that all children are able to access the curriculum and are not disadvantaged by Special Educational Needs or Disability.


Implementation/How we teach MFL

Our MFL curriculum has been designed to progressively develop skills in French, ensuring children acquire a bank of vocabulary organized around topics. We ensure development is progressive as they build on previous knowledge from units already studied.

All children in KS2 are taught French in a weekly discreet lesson. This is delivered by Mrs Liarakou.

KS1 children are introduced to MFL through exploring other languages informally when studying another country or different cultures.

Progression Grid

Knowledge organisers

Summer 1

Spring Term 2

Spring term 1

Autumn Term 2

Autumn Term 1

Impact/Children's Learning

Spring 2

Year 6 Healthy-Unhealthy food


Year 4 and 5 Directions

A droite...

A gauche...

Tout droit...



Spring 1 French on Google classroom

Eventhough schools are closed, children at St. Anne's have been producing amazing work on Google classroom. Have a look...

Year 3

Les jours de la semaine.

Les 12 mois 

Le matin, je...

Dans l'apres-midi, je...

Dans le soiree, je...


Vendredi 5 fevrier 2021 French WALT_ understand the vocabulary for different times of the day in French and explain what they do at these times. (5 Feb 2021 at 11_45).MOVVendredi 5 fevrier 2021 French WALT_ understand the vocabulary for different times of the day in French and explain what they do at these times. (5 Feb 2021 at 11_46)B6F6DC0A-248C-4989-AB80-B7FC07DBA7B1Vendredi 22 janvier 2021 French Months of the year (22 Jan 2021 at 14_23)

Year 4 and 5


Ou habitez-vous?

Qu'est que c'est?


DSC_0079Mercredi 3 fevrier 2021 French WALT_ ask and give our address (3 Feb 2021 at 14_55)Mardi 2 fevrier 2021 French WALT_ ask and give our address (2 Feb 2021 at 11_19)

Year 6

Joyeux anniversaire!

IMG_20210204_155154IMG_20210204_155124WIN_20210204_13_34_01_Pro (2)

Year 6 Special Guest!

This week in Year 6,  we had a special visitor, Ms Laila Bendaud came and she tried to answer all our questions regarding French culture and language. After she answered all our questions, she shared with us her favourite book ' Le petit Prince'. We had an amazing afternoon, we learned a lot! Thank you so much Ms Bendaud!


Dancing out 'jours et mois'!


Year 4 and 5 Quel age as tu?


Autumn 2 week 3

In year 4 and 5,  we had fun practicing our numbers 1-20 playing bingo!


Autumn 2 week 2

In year 6, we had lots of fun dancing out 'le jours de la semaine', days of the week!


Autumn 2 week 1

Les jours de la semaine...

Quel est le jour aujourd'hui?

Aujourd'hui c'est lundi.

In year 4 and 5, we learned the days of the week in French and role played how to ask and answer a question.


Autumn 1 week 5

Who doesn't like games? In year 4, we certainly do! So, this week  in French we had a lot fun learning through playing. Hangman and I am thinking of a word...


Year 3 Bonjour Au revoir


Year 4 and 5 Items of clothing

This week the children in year 4 and 5 had fun playing a game and at the same time learning different items of clothing in french.

Je mets un pantalon.

Tu mets un Tee-shirt?

Je mets un Chapeau.

Tu mets un pull?


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