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Governing Body

Agendas and Minutes of the Federation Governing Body

If you wish to see the minutes of the Federation Governing Body meetings please select the link below.

Parents and Carers of children at St Anne’s can comment on our school at anytime during the school year. Go to www.parentview.ofsted.gov.uk

If you want to talk to a Governor or you have any questions for us then please contact us via the school office or email.

Chair of Governors  cog@st-annes.reading.sch.uk

Minutes of Full Governing Body Meetings

Categories of Governor

Foundation – foundation governors play a crucial role in preserving the Catholic ethos and character of the school.  To be considered as a foundation governor you must be a practising Catholic over the age of 18.

Parent Governors – Parents, including carers, of pupils at the school are eligible to stand for election as parent governors.  They are elected by other parents at the school.  They don’t have to stand down if their child leaves the school before the end of their term of office, though they may do so.

Local Authority Governors – Nominated by the local authority and confirmed by the governing body.

Staff Governors – Both teaching and support staff paid to work at the school are eligible to stand for election as a staff governor.  The Head Teacher is a staff governor by virtue of this / her office; they may choose not to be a governor but will retain the right to attend all governor meetings.

Associate Governors – Associate members, with a particular area of experience or expertise, can be appointed by the governing body to attend committee meetings and are entitled to attend full governing body meetings.

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