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Spring Term 2 - 2021

Welcome back everyone! We hope that you've had a restful half term and are ready for more fun learning! We will be continuing with activities on Tapestry, for your children to engage with. We still understand the difficulties you may have with home schooling and working. However, we loved seeing your children's efforts last term.  Keep us updated with your photos, videos and comments about what your children have achieved, until the time we can welcome them back to Nursery safely. Please read on to find out what the children will be learning about for this half term!


Talk 4 Writing/Literacy

Our book for this half term is, 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt' by Michael Rosen. We will be exploring the story both indoors and outdoors, to link with our Topic for this half term.

we're going on a bear hunt(1)


For this half term we will be continuing with counting 1 to 5+, looking at size (small, medium and large) and positional language (in front of, behind, next to, in, on, under and between). The children will engage in activities that allow them to explore these concepts in their learning.  


Topic - Outside/Springtime

We will explore our outdoor environment and watch how the weather changes and what happens to nature as Spring approaches. We will find ways of recording these changes and try some planting and gardening.    


RE - God's Family, Lent and Holy Week

It is a busy half term for us in Nursery! We will be talking about what it is like to be part of God's Family, learning about how we can say sorry and how we can prepare for the most important event in our church's calendar, Easter!   


World Book Day - 4th March 2021 (during lockdown)

St Anne's celebrated World Book Day by inviting staff and pupils to dress as a character from their favourite book. They could also wear pyjamas for the day and take a photo of them holding their favourite book. We had lots of Nursery children involved and the photos are below.

Week Beginning - Monday 8th March 2021

Welcome back everyone! We have had a wonderful week and it has been fantastic to see how the children are settling back into their Nursery routine. It is amazing how much progress they have made despite the lockdown and we look forward to having lots of fun and learning lots more in the weeks ahead of us. 

Below are some photographs of what the children have been involved in this week:


Week Beginning - Monday 15th March 2021

We have had another busy week at Nursery. The children took their 'celery-printed' Mother's Day cards home. We have been planting seeds and looking at how seeds grow. We went to the field and looked at some tools that can be used for gardening. We talked about what seeds need to grow and some of the children pulled out some weeds, to tidy our nursery space outside. 

The children have continued with counting and recognising numbers 1-5 and beyond. We have also discussed who the characters are in, 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt'. 

For our RE this week we looked at the importance of the Sign of the Cross and practiced making the Sign of the Cross. The children also coloured and collaged their own crosses.

We finished the week with Red Nose Day (for Comic Relief) and the children had lots of fun, from a 'Wake-up Shake-up' with Reception class (socially distanced) to a Red Nose Hunt in the Nursery Playground.

See some photographs below:

Week Beginning - Monday 22nd March 2021

The children have settled in wonderfully and are enjoying nursery once more!

We have spent the week learning some facts about bears and looking at and describing different flowers and plants. The children also found out that plants get their food and water from the soil, or 'dirt' as one of the children told us. We were able to see that our pumpkin seeds have started to grow into seedlings which delighted children and adults alike! 

We have been very fortunate to have Mrs Asbury record some music lessons for Nursery. We enjoyed finding out what our new instruments are called and the children were very entusiastic when joining in with the song, "I am the Music Man." Well done everyone!

The children demonstrated their scissor skills when sorting pictures of animals into groups of 'big' animals and 'small' animals. They also used their fantastic creativity to make marks on clay with twigs and other natural objects they had found when we went to the main school field for a walk.

For our RE we have continued with our Lenten theme and had some 'quiet time' where we heard the Lord's Prayer said. We talked about how Jesus prayed to God (His Father) when he found things hard and particularly during the time before Easter.


Week Beginning Monday 29th March - Holy Week

The children learned about Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday and Good Friday this week.

We made palm leaves and re-enacted the procession of Jesus into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday.

We had our own Last Supper where the children took a biscuit and some Ribena as the 'bread' and 'wine' and remembered how sad Jesus and his friends must have felt on this night. A few children said that it's sad when you have to say good bye to your friends.

On Wednesday (our last day) the children listened to the story of Good Friday and how sad this day was. We made crosses as a way of remembering this day. The children were also able to make crowns, decorated with eggs to remind us that Easter is about new life and how Jesus went to live with his Father, in heaven, on Easter Sunday.

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