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Music is key to St Anne's.  We have simply the most amazing music teacher - Mrs Asbury - who comes in to teach all classes (including Nursery) and also delivers individual piano lessons.  Our children enjoy a wide ranging Music curriculum and all leave able to read music and to play at least 3 instruments - the ukelele, the recorder and one other (this year = the flute).  Bucket drumming is hugely popular and Year 3 spend half a year learning an instrument with Berkshire Maestros.

Mrs Asbury also runs a wide variety of clubs including choir, recorder, ukelele and even an orchestra and children attend many musical concerts/performances throughout the year.

Our pupils also have the opportunity to take individual/group music lessons with a wide selection of peripatetic teachers.  Instruments taught include piano, flute, violin, guitar and saxophone.  Exams can be taken in all.

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St Anne’s

“Don’t Stop the Music”

Week 1


This is for EVERYONE…

Tune in to youtube at 11am every day for some Body Percussion with Ollie Tunmer Beat Goes On


Make a musical instrument.

This could be, a shaker, a drum, an elastic band guitar, a didgeridoo, a rain stick, the list is endless.

I’d love to see your instruments and maybe even hear them. See if your grown up can figure out a way to upload some photos or videos to Google Classroom, then we can add them to this page.

Lizzie's bell piano

Lizzie's instrument

Music Lesson week 2

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