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Autumn Term 2 - 2020

tiger who came to tea

Topic - Celebrations

We will be finding out all about celebrations and what they mean to us, for this half of our Autumn term. The children will take part in activities that will help them explore the importance of celebrations and what they mean to people all over the world. 

celebrations(2)birth of jesus

The Tiger Who Came to Tea

The Tiger Who Came to Tea will be our model text for this half term. Once again the children will engage in Talk 4 Writing and play activities related to this classic. The activities will include planning a tea party and making invitations for a special guest.


RE - God Our Father Cares For Us and Advent - Getting Ready

We will complete our 'God Our Father Cares for us' topic and move onto our Advent - Getting Ready topic. The children will learn about this very special time of year, where we welcome Jesus and rejoice at his birth. We will share prayers and activities to support our preparation, which will include making an Advent Wreath and saying sorry for things we've done wrong.  

advent wreath

Week beginning - Monday 2nd November

The children have all settled quickly into nursery, after their half term holiday.

This week we have started a new story, we have talked about fireworks and we have started work on our numbers 1-5 and above. We also talked about different ways of talking to God and how church is another way of talking to Him. We took a walk across the main playground to see Our House of God and look forward to a time when we can visit with the children.



Week Beginning - Monday 9th November

This week we have been busy in Nursery.

The children have made poppies (and a wreath) and learned about why people wear them for Remembrance Day. We also explored why we should say sorry and how we can say sorry during our RE.

The children talked about new vocabulary from The Tiger Who Came to Tea and were able to work together to make a large tiger for our display in class. 

On Thursday morning the children had the opportunity to take part in tasks to support the charity 'Children in Need' and throughout the week we have been continuing with our work on recognising numbers 0-5+

We look forward to seeing you on Monday!


Week Beginning - Monday 16th November

The children have concentrated on the middle part of The Tiger Who Came to Tea this week and we have thought about making lists of everything the tiger ate and drank, when he was having tea. The children made some doughnuts and biscuits out of salt dough, just in case the tiger visits us. They were able to help count out the quantities of ingredients and prepare the oven for baking their dough.

The children have also been continuing with looking at numbers 0-5+ and 1 more. All have tried very hard and we will continue to encourage them to recognise their numbers 0-5+, as the year goes on.

On Tuesday morning the children had some treats (donated by a parent) and were able to listen to some Hindu music to help them understand the festival of Diwali (our Topic this week.) The children were able to make Rangoli patterns inside and outside the classroom. We were also lucky enough to have Mrs Dominic show the children a traditional method of making Rangoli patterns, using coloured rice flour, and they enjoyed colouring the patterns with the rice flour too! Another activity this week involved making clay Diyas (for our topic work). The children demonstrated great fine motor skills and knowledge of colours. 

We look forward to next week where we will start to plan our own Tea Party and continue with our celebrations theme!


Week Beginning - Monday 23rd November

On Monday morning we read the last part of The Tiger Who Came to Tea and we talked about why Sophie and her mummy (characters from the book) bought a big tin of tiger food when they went shopping. We then made a list of all the food and drink we would like if we had a tea party and how we could start to plan a party of our own. The children helped to write a list of what we would want for our tea party. Some of the children made invitations for our tea party and we decided that it would take place on Friday 11th December, at 11am.

Our topic was Birthdays, this week and we were lucky enough to have a birthday, in class. The children had a small celebration and we talked about how we could celebrate our birthdays. The children painted leaf shapes that will have their names and dates of birth recorded on. These will be put on our 'Family Tree' so that we can see when a birthday is coming up.

For our maths focus, the children used 2D shapes to make collage pictures and also looked for 2D shapes in their environment. They demonstrated a good knowledge of these. 

As part of our preparation for Christmas, we have been listening to our Navity music and trying to learn the songs for our play. This will support our RE for the term and 'Getting Ready' for Jesus' birth. 



Week Beginning - Monday 30th November

This week has been a busy one, at nursery. The children have been sequencing The Tiger Who Came to Tea, learning about patterns and learning more about Advent and preparing for the Joy of Jesus' birth, at Christmas. 

The children had great fun decorating the Christmas tree and designing their own Christmas baubles, using different patterns. We also made some paper chains with the children for our Christmas decorations.

As Advent is upon us, we made a class Advent Wreath and added our two candles of Hope and Love, to remind us of our time of preparation, in the lead up to Christmas.

We took the children to the school field, to collect some sticks and leaves so that we could make our own 'natural' patterns and found a 'Stickman' while we were there.

We have also been listening to 'The Little Nativity' songs to prepare for our Nativity play. 


Week Beginning - Monday 7th December

Once again, we have had a wonderful week with the children. There is excitement about the upcoming Christmas holidays and we have had lots of discussion about Father Christmas and presents the children would like to receive. We 'wrote' some letters to Father Christmas and posted them in our 'Christmas Post' box.

As it will be the 3rd Sunday of Advent this weekend, the children engaged in making 'Bambinelli' that we will wrap and send home as their 'first' gift for Christmas. We also talked about what the word 'Joy' means. 

The children were amazing during the rehearsal of their Little Nativity play! We look forward to recording with Reception class, on Wednesday morning.   

Our hectic week finished with our own Tiger's Tea Party, on Friday morning. Mrs Dominic joined us as our special guest and we had a visit from a tiger! During the afternoon we were able to take the children to look at the Art Exhibition, in the hall (see photos in this week's newsletter and on the school website).

We are all looking forward to some fun activities and Arts and Crafts next week to finish this Autumn term.


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