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Statement of Intent - Science

Science in St Anne’s Catholic Primary School

Science is a significant part of human culture and represents one of the pinnacles of human thinking capacity. It provides a laboratory of common experience for development of language, logic, and problem-solving skills in the classroom. Through exciting and inventive lessons, we teach research skills, practical uses of knowledge and delving deeper into investigative science. This process enables children of all ages and ability to succeed, enjoy and learn through ‘hands on’ experiences.


Across St Anne’s Catholic Primary School, we are following the National Curriculum objectives for Science.

We cover all areas of the subject to prepare the children for further Science in Secondary school and future life. The topic areas are:

Key Stage 1:


Animals including Humans

Everyday materials

Seasonal change

Living things and their habitats


Key Stage 2:

Further plants

Animals including humans



Forces and magnets

Living things and their habitats

Animals including humans

States of matter



Properties and changes of material

Earth and space

Evolution and inheritance








Years 4 and 6 have been enjoying experimenting with electrical circuits as a part of their Electricity units this term. Year 6 have been investigating what happens to the brightness of a bulb when more componants are added to the circuit and Year 4 have been designing and building a 'buzz wire' game. The children are loving using all the equipment and are intrigued by how light bulbs light, buzzers buzz and motors spin.


Interesting articles/news



Jet packs used by medics    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YRBJixCmw1w





Year 5 Science - Materials

This term Year 5 have been investigating materials in Science. They have carried out several investigations and experiments involving conductors, insulators, solutions and irreverible changes.


Year 4 Science - Electricity

Through investigations and experiments, Year 4 have created working circuits involving buzzers, lightbulbs, switches and motors. In groups, they also created a working 'buzz wire game'.


Year 6 Science - Electricity

Year 6 have also been investigating in Electricity. They have used their knowledge this term to carry out investigations to improve the lighting and alarms in Burglar Bill's neighbourhood. They have discovered that you need extra power for more components to work effectively in a circuit and in groups they investigated the best circuits for working alarms and lights in houses

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