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Year 2

Term 2

Cracking times tables

Last week we started a new thing in maths, CRACKING TIMESTABLES! This is to help us become quicker and more efficent in maths. This starts on level 1 with 8 questions and goes all the way up to level 10 with 100 questions, all within 3 minutes! This will be coming home with spellings soon!  

Environment day!

Yesterday, Monday 11th November, all the children across the schoolspent most, if all, day outside learning about and working with the environment. In year 2 we did a range of activities including leaf painting, making fat cakes for birds and learning about micro habitats. The child really enjoyed all activities and morked really hard whilst learning about living and non living things. 



This last week has been very exciting in year 2. We not only have had environment day but we have also welcomed a new member to our class, Thumper the rabbit! He has been a popular addition with the whole school community, staff and children, and lots of classes have been up to year 2 to show him love. He was donated to us by the Rolfe family. THANKYOU! 


Ragdoll cat

On Monday, as part of our Literacy topic, we had a very special visitor. Mrs B brought her Ragdoll cat called Beastie in for us to learn about. She explained his daily routine, what he eats and where he likes to go. We then were allowed to ask her questions about him, such as 'Where does Beastie sleep?' 'What toys does he have?' 'How does he clean himself?'

Term 1

Trip to Windsor castle

4th October 2019

On friday, Year 2 had a fanstic time at Windsor Castle.

Year 1 and 2 took part in a workshop with Sophie: All about Castles. The children learnt about why and how Windsor was build as well as the different featureas of the castle. They took part in a drama excise where they pretened to attack the castle. 

In the afternoon, we took a self-guided tour of The State Apartments reflecting upon St. Georges Hall and the difference now and before the fire. 

In particular the children were amazed with the castle guards and how they matched. 

We had a fantastic day at Windosr castle. Amazing writing about the day to follow. 

Year 2 at Windsor castle. 

Quote of the day: " Are you sure that solider is real? He hasn't moved once!"

group photo


On Wednesday 9th October, year 2 joined thousands of  other children from other schools from within our Archdiocese in praying the joyful mysteries of the Rosary with Arch Bishop Bernard. During our R.E lesson after this, we learnt how to pray the Rosary and what each part means and represents.



In maths this week we have been learning about cummunitive law and inverse operations using arrays. We had lots of fun using different munipulitives(counters and deans) to help us through multiplication and division.  


Fun with money!

In maths this week we have been learnig about the value of money and coin recognition. The children have been let loose with coins and have really worked hard on their understanding of money. I'm sure over the weekend they will enjoy going to the shops that little bit more now! Why not give them a little bit of pocket money to see what they can buy. :-)  

Deadly Dragons

Our topic castles and dragons, which has been a roaring success, is coming to an end with the current term. The children have been really engaged this term and this week have loved talking about the features of chinese and british dragons disscussing the similarities and differences between them. On Thursdsay we designed our dragons and on Friday we made them out of clay. Once they have dried and been painted pictures will follow.

Next Friday, 25th October, is the last day of term. On this day we look forward to seeing you after 2pm, but BEWARE OF THE DRAGON!!  

Animal Painting

This week we painted animals in art/science. BUT not in the ways you would imagine. We used a range of different objects to help create our animals. these things included cut up celery and apple, toilet roll tubes, paint brushes and toy dinosaurs.

Mixed up animals.

In literacy this week we have been writing instructions on how to look after a pet. We made up our own mixed up animals, combining 2 or 3 animals, for example a snabbit (snake and a rabbit) or an elefly (elephant and butterfly). After this we   

Christmas activities.

With it being the last week of term before Christmas, the children have been completing some Christmas activities. from making stockings to designing biscuits. The children have learnt a new skill this week...threading a needle(Mr Gaylor too!). Thank you to the year 6s who came to help us and saved the day! 

Chocolate tasting.

This term we are learning about the history of chocolate. So far we have learned about The Aztecs and how they used chocolate. the children found out they didnt eat chocolate but almost always drunk it AND women and children were not allowed any. On Wednesday, we tasted 3 different types of chocolate dark, milk and white. We decided as a class that overall taste satisfaction came from milk chocolate. Pictures to follow. 

The Prodigal son.

In RE this week we have been learning the parable of the Prodigal Son. The children listened the story and thought about what it is trying to tell us, they then acted the parable out with puppets thinking about the feelings of the characters and the message the parable has given us. 

Dr. Choc's Chocolate Factory

On Tuesday 25th February, year 2 went on a fabulous trip to Windsor. The children got to make their own chocolate, learn where comes from and how it is made. They then got to design their own box to take their chocolate home in. After lunch we took a stroll down the river Thames spotting the man made and physical features. we had an entertaining time with the swans om the way back to the coach, also.


As you should have seen, your child will have come home with their learn it test paper and their CEW test this week. Homework for this term is to work on the ones which were incorrect for our test at Easter. 

World Book Day.

For World Book Day this year, Year 2 worked on activities based on their class reader for the term, A Boy, A Bear in a boat. The activities included making a book cover, character references and a reading river. They had partner reading with Year 4 where they shared their books from home and read a little bit to partner from the other class. At the end of the day the whole school had an assembly where everyone was able to show off their brilliant outfits! I can not wait for next year already!

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