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Spelling and reading homework

Please practise the follwing reading and spelling homework. Spelling testes are every Monday. Children should read atleast 4 days a week. 

Autumn 1

Week 3

We have had a fantastic start to the school year. We have enjoyed getting to know each other a little better and the start of our topic 'castles and dragons'. In History, we have compared the different  resources about the Windsor Castle Fire in 1992 and facts surrounding the event. As a part of our Art and Design porject we explored the features of a castle ready to sketch castles this week. In computing we were introduced to Bee bots, we learnt about how they moved and what the different buttons do.   Excitingly, we wrote a Kenning poem about dragons in literacy, thinking about the nouns and verbs that describe a dragon.   

Literacy -week 4

In literacy this term our model text is The Dragon Painter. This week during guided reading we have been reading the story, first echo reading, which is where teacher reads a line then the children repeat, all the way to reading the story altogether. In our literacy lessons we have been completing some tasks to help us understand the story and feelings and emotions of the characters in the story. These lessons along with what is to come next week will help us all write our own story based around The Dragon Painter. 

Maths -week 4 Place Value.

The last two weeks in maths we have been learning about and excelling in place value. For this we have been using lots of different manipulatives, including numicon, dienes, number squares and more. Below is a some examples of the work we have been doing. Next week we are moving on o adding numbers in different ways. 

Year 2s dragon egg.

During our literacy topic, something strange has been happening. Different coloured dragon eggs keep appearing in our classroom. One week we had a blue egg with with light blue swirls, the next week it was green with brown marks on and then this week we have had a red dragons egg with gold all over it. The children have also been left letters from the dragons asking them to look after each egg and what each baby dragon was called. 

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