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St Anne’s Roman Catholic School on Washington Road lies in the heart of Caversham, both geographically and metaphorically.  In fact, for 120 years, the school has been serving the local community providing a holistic education for its students that recognises the uniqueness of every individual and focuses always on the truth that we are all one in Christ.  From its inception in 1899, the school was built on faith. The log books and journals meticulously maintained throughout the years since this date, bring to life the history of this wonderful school.  One thing that is striking throughout is the long service of many members of staff.  It is clear that the St Anne’s community has always engendered a deep sense of service and dedication.  In 1954, the Chief Education Officer summed up the atmosphere of the school in one word: love.  He highlighted in particular the devotion of the teachers to the school and to the children, mentioning especially Sister Mary Aidan who left in 1967 after 33 years of service and Sister Joseph who taught in Reception for 42 years.  Times may have changed; the buildings and recreation areas have been extended; the curriculum has been developed, the nuns have departed and all children now have indoor toilets!  However, love and service remain at the heart of St Anne’s.  It is a huge privilege to be a part of this faith-filled, vibrant community in which every child is celebrated as a gift from God and I have no doubt that, although the next 120 years will see great changes, the love of Jesus will always remain at its centre.


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