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Welcome to Year 3 Class!

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Autumn 1 Prayers

Recap on year 2 prayers.

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Autumn 1 Week 3

Performing our poetry!

We finished writing our poems about Maurice and we read them to Mrs B! She loved them and she promised to read them to Maurice! We cannot wait for his response! I think he will love them too, let's see!

Do you like our poems?

IMG_1791.MP4IMG_1795 (1).MP4IMG_1794.MP4IMG_1793 (1).MP4IMG_1790.MP4IMG_1792.MP4

Autumn 1 Week 2

Marvelous music Mondays!

This week, we made our own tune on the key boards and learnt a lot about Flutes!


Big hair assembly!


RE How to Baptise your next Candidate!


Literacy! Maurice the lazy, fluffy Ragdoll Cat!

We had a very special visitor on Monday, Maurice Mrs B's adorable Ragdoll cat. We enjoyed cuddling him and asking Mrs B questions about his character. We were very surprised to hear that he loves reading (like us), he doesn't like hunting and he loves playing roli-poli with Monty the dog. What an unusual cat!


We were so inspired that we decided to write beautiful poems about him! We started writing them on Friday, Have a look...


PE Netball!


Autumn 1 week 1

Practising our non-nonsense spellings...



We listened attentively to Mrs L's performances and we gave constructive feedback identifying what went well and what could be improved...


Marvelous Music Mondays!


Christian Meditation...


First day back!

Ol Moran! This is what we love eating in Year 3!

We are really excited because today we started our special relationship with our partner school in Kenya, Ol Moran. Our first project was 'What we love eating'. We all created a picture of our favourite meal, including desert! We can't wait to see what the children at Ol Moran love to eat! 

8CBDAD31-9190-46E6-A993-978D49B70CE9 (2)IMG_3949.MOV

Love of reading Bookmarks!

We made wonderful bookmarks for our love of reading book! Do you like them?

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