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Welcome to Year 3!


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Learn its!!

Mental maths is really important, can you please ensure your children login to their TTRockstars account at least 4 times a week for 20-30 minutes to practice their maltipication and division facts. They need to learn them in and out of order and be able to recall them rapidly.

They shouldn't be counting in 2s or 3s, 5s like 2,4,6,8 

They should say: 1 time 2 is 2, 2 times 2 is 4 etc. 

You could use a chart, see below.


Summer 1 prayers

prayer to the Holy SpiritDiocesan Prayer for VocationsRegina Caeli

Spring 2 week 6- End of term!

After working very hard writing our own version of the wind in the willows story, we had a lot of fun...decorating our easter baskets, playing with our friends and... hunting for easter eggs!


Spring 2 week 5

Adrian Patrick!


Alexandre VS Adrian Patrick...


Class liturgy


Spring 2 Week 4

Red nose day!

We had great fun participating in a range of amusing and educating games all day long! Have a look...

IMG_20210319_110827_resized_20210320_104243070 (1)IMG_20210319_110802_resized_20210320_104242717 (1)IMG_20210319_112423_resized_20210320_104244283 (1)IMG_20210319_110949_resized_20210320_104243530 (1)IMG_20210319_101559_resized_20210320_104148195IMG_20210319_101307_resized_20210320_104147495IMG_20210319_101328_resized_20210320_104147836IMG_20210319_101214_resized_20210320_104147212IMG_20210319_112532_resized_20210320_104244702

Learning how to use wow noun phrases in our writing!


Class liturgy planned and led by the children!

IMG_20210318_115736_resized_20210318_051546867 (1)

Spring 2 week 3 We are Back!!!

We love being in school, interacting with our friends,having lots of fun and learning at the same time!

Scroll down to find out what we have been learning... 


Mass. We used weighing scales to find the mass of different objects.


PE - Dance - Moving gracefully like full-fed rivers!


Decorating our school pencil cases and creating our love for reading bookmarks!


Marvelous Music Mondays are back too!!


Spring 2 week 2 World Book Day 2021

We love world book days in Year 3! Working from school or home, we dressed up as our favourite characters and we enjoyed a range of book related activities. Have a look...

IMG-20210308-WA0003IMG-20210308-WA00054 Mar 2021 at 09_32World Book Day(2)IMG-20210308-WA0004IMG_20210304_103013IMG-20210308-WA0006

Spring 2 Week 1 Google classroom

Literacy - Wind in the Willows

1614180828810-139248230CharlotteWednesday 24th February 2021 Reading Comprehension1614180780812-1847520126

RE Lent Posters: Jesus Why is Jesus special?

In RE, we read  one of many Jesus' miracles, the raising of the widow's son in Nain and reflected on God's love for his people, Jesus' kindness and neverending compassion. Then, we created posters advertising Jesus' qualities through his actions and words. Have a look at some examples of our work...

Friday 26th February 2021 RE Lent L2 (26 Feb 2021 at 15_05)received_268534871304510(1)

PSHE - Fire safety posters

Alexandre PSHE 22221 (1)

Spring 1 Google classroom

Children in year 3 with the support of their amazing parents have been working very hard. Have a look at some examples of their wonderful work.

Mental Heath week

This how children in year 3 like to express themselves!

IMG_0613.MOV39CADE98-D8E7-46A5-BB98-AE08557775A6Photo on 04-02-2021 at 12.31 #4IMG_20210204_164653

Interesting Non-chronological reports



Creative and imaginative guided reading activities

16131393134203434502 (1)00DA65BF-F58F-47BA-A65C-A74C15EBD67DFriday 12th February 2021 Guided Reading (12 Feb 2021 at 11_48) (1)

Autumn 2 week 6

Forest School!!!

Our morning at Forest school started with a lot of interesting games!

Soon after, Mrs Cosgrove wanted to introduce us to the 'little people' that apparently live on our school field (How amazing!), unfortunately they were out to get food. So we decided to just go and have a look at their little village. To our surprise it was gone! Sadly, the dragon that also lives nearby had a cold and sneezed away their houses. For a moment, we were a little dissapointed since we really wanted to meet them. Then, Erickah had the amazing idea to build them new houses! And this is what we did! We hope they like them!


Finally, we had hot chocolate and pop corn by the fire!


Bambinelli and Christmas decorations!


PE Tag Rugby Tournament

After learning and practicing Tag Rugby for the whole half term, we had a really Rugby Match to consolidate everything we learned! We loved it!


Autumn 2 Week 3


In Maths, we used our resources to understand multiplication and practiced out x4,x3 and x8. We still need a lot of practice but we are not giving up! Practice makes perfection!



In RE we leant about the structure of the liturgy of the Word. We acted it out and explained the structure.


Autumn 2 week 2


We loved playing Tag Rugby with Mr McArthur!



In literacy, we learned how to use commas correctly, conjunctions and the past tense and we wrote beautiful stories based on our model text from 'Stig of the dump'.



In RE we learned about the importance of listenning. We even made a video for the year 1, have a look...

Importance of listening.mp4

End of Autumn 1 Wk8

We filled our marble jar so we watched a movie and had a pinata party as well!


We loved our assembly this Friday, we wnt outside to appreciate everything that God created for us :trees, birds, mushrooms etc.

We came to the conclusion that we need to enjoy every day as much as we can! The world is a wonderful place to live and God want us to be happy and joyful!


Autumn 1 Week 5

We certainly love Maths in year 3! We enjoy working with different resources as they help us understand better!


We love our marvelous music Mondays! This week we learned interesting facts about French horns and tried our best to follow the rythme


25/9/2020 Autumn 1 week 4

All children in year 3 have been working very hard this week!

In literacy, we have been writing beautiful descriptive poems, inspired by Mrs B's adorable kitten! In Maths we finished our place value unit feeling a lot more confident and ready to move on to addition. I French we have been learning how to say 'hello' and 'goodbye' using the correct French pronunciation. Having Alexandre in the class modelling was very helpful! 

Bonjour and Au revoir!


Learning our Rosary prayer


18/9/2020 Autumn 1 week 3

Children in year 3 have been working hard and having fun. Have a look if you want!

Literacy We had a visitor!

We were so exctited to meet Mrs B's new kitten. His name is Maurice or Mosquito  and he is utterly adorable! We liked him so much that we promised to write a poem about him!


RE We acted out the Baptismal rite!


Marvelous music Mondays! We tried our best to follow the rhythm!



The children in year 3 enjoyed their first whole week back in school. They loved being with their friends and worked hard in every subject!

Maths No problem We love it!


Cave paintings in year 3

In year 3, our class topic is Stone Age and we have been studying cave paintings. We looked at the different symbols the cave artist used in their art work. We then created our own symbols and painted them with sticks out of mud and lard.

The following lesson, we created our own plant and soil pigments, this part was exciting as we got to crush chalk to make white paint, charcoal for black, leaves for green and berries for red. We then carved foam tiles with our symbols and tried to print our symbols. To create the cave atmosphere, we all got to work under our tables! This was a lot of fun!

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