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Welcome to Year 3 Class!


Knowledge organisers


Spring 1 Prayers

The angelus 1Angelus 2

Spring 1 Week 3

Maths - Using cubes to divide by 8 - sharing and grouping


PE-Dancing like river Indus


Faith week - Islam


Spring 1 week 2


Summarising is very hard, especially if you've never done it before! Year 3s though, embraced the challenge, tried the best and excelled!

literacy 1litearcy 3literacy 2literacy 5

Real PE


Spring 1 Week 1

Dot Art Day - Yayoi Kusama


Re - Christmas story

We learnt the story of the shepherds and reflected on the birth of Jesus Christ and who He is.

IMG_20220106_143636_resized_20220106_030100150shepherds story 2shephers story

Happy New year everyone! In year 3,  we all had a restful Christmas and now we are full of energy ready try our hardest in all subjects and of course have a lot of fun! 

Spring 1

Autumn 2 week 3

Gardening club!


Children in need

We had great fun painting pictures and doing PE with Joe!


Other faith week.

In year 3, we learnt about Islam and we had a very generous visitor – Mrs Hadia Butt - who taught us all about the features of a mosque.


COP 26

Rather consert about climate change, we recycled shredded paper and made our own sheets of paper and wrote beautiful letters to the prime minister expressing our concern and sharing some of our ideas. 


Autumn 2

We charged our batteries and we are back ready to work hard and have a lot of fun!


Since last term, on Thursdays, 6 children from year 3 enjoy a gardening session (during lunch time) with Mrs Burnit and our wonderful volunteers. The vegetable beds and flower pots look great and the children love it!



Adding 3 digit numbers, crossing 10s and 100s is very hard, but we nailed it! We used concrete aparatus and pictures to understand the exchanged and and now we can use the formal method too!

formal methodIMG_20211103_094103_resized_20211104_011655990IMG_20211103_093837_resized_20211104_011656330

We all survived autumn 1!!!

Have a well deserved half term everyone!

We will miss you Wesam!


Party time...

...because we are so awesome and hardworking that we filled our marble jar! So, our treat is cinema party with snacks! 


'Killer' diary entries we wrote...

We worked so hard this term and our efforts paid off! Our diaries are amazing! They have great lay out, awesome description, accurately used  direct speech and a masive dose of sarcasm and humour! We edited and illustrated them and now they are all ready to be posted! We cannot wait for Ms Fine's response!


Autumn 1 week 6

Adding 2d to a 3d number crossing 10s and 100s


Pupil Led Class liturgy


Autumn 1 Week 3

Performing our poetry!

We finished writing our poems about Maurice and we read them to Mrs B! She loved them and she promised to read them to Maurice! We cannot wait for his response! I think he will love them too, let's see!

Do you like our poems?

IMG_1791.MP4IMG_1795 (1).MP4IMG_1794.MP4IMG_1793 (1).MP4IMG_1790.MP4IMG_1792.MP4

Autumn 1 Week 2

Marvelous music Mondays!

This week, we made our own tune on the key boards and learnt a lot about Flutes!


Big hair assembly!


RE How to Baptise your next Candidate!


Literacy! Maurice the lazy, fluffy Ragdoll Cat!

We had a very special visitor on Monday, Maurice Mrs B's adorable Ragdoll cat. We enjoyed cuddling him and asking Mrs B questions about his character. We were very surprised to hear that he loves reading (like us), he doesn't like hunting and he loves playing roli-poli with Monty the dog. What an unusual cat!


We were so inspired that we decided to write beautiful poems about him! We started writing them on Friday, Have a look...


PE Netball!


Autumn 1 week 1

Practising our non-nonsense spellings...



We listened attentively to Mrs L's performances and we gave constructive feedback identifying what went well and what could be improved...


Marvelous Music Mondays!


Christian Meditation...


First day back!

Ol Moran! This is what we love eating in Year 3!

We are really excited because today we started our special relationship with our partner school in Kenya, Ol Moran. Our first project was 'What we love eating'. We all created a picture of our favourite meal, including desert! We can't wait to see what the children at Ol Moran love to eat! 

8CBDAD31-9190-46E6-A993-978D49B70CE9 (2)IMG_3949.MOV

Love of reading Bookmarks!

We made wonderful bookmarks for our love of reading book! Do you like them?

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