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Welcome to Year 3

Knowledge organisers, Timetable, Curriculum map Autumn 1

Spellings Autumn 1

Our prayer this term

Prayer to St Anne

Oh glorious StAnne, mother of Mary, 

filled with loveand compassion,

protect us and guide us and give us your blessing.


Oh wonderful St Ane, who conceived

the Mother of Jesus, Pray for us and

help us always to live by faith and to

be known by love.

Autumn 1 Week 5

We certainly love Maths in year 3! We enjoy working with different resources as they help us understand better!


We love our marvelous music Mondays! This week we learned interesting facts about French horns and tried our best to follow the rythme


25/9/2020 Autumn 1 week 4

All children in year 3 have been working very hard this week!

In literacy, we have been writing beautiful descriptive poems, inspired by Mrs B's adorable kitten! In Maths we finished our place value unit feeling a lot more confident and ready to move on to addition. I French we have been learning how to say 'hello' and 'goodbye' using the correct French pronunciation. Having Alexandre in the class modelling was very helpful! 

Bonjour and Au revoir!


Learning our Rosary prayer


18/9/2020 Autumn 1 week 3

Children in year 3 have been working hard and having fun. Have a look if you want!

Literacy We had a visitor!

We were so exctited to meet Mrs B's new kitten. His name is Maurice or Mosquito  and he is utterly adorable! We liked him so much that we promised to write a poem about him!


RE We acted out the Baptismal rite!


Marvelous music Mondays! We tried our best to follow the rhythm!



The children in year 3 enjoyed their first whole week back in school. They loved being with their friends and worked hard in every subject!

Maths No problem We love it!

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