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Summer Term 1 - April 2021

Welcome back! We hope you've had a restful Easter holiday and are ready for more fun learning during the Summer Term. Please read below to find out more about what we will be doing up to half term.  

Talk 4 Writing - Farmer Duck


Our book for this half term is Farmer Duck, written by Mark Waddell and illustrated by Helen Oxenbury. We will encourage the children to learn this story and find out what happens when the animals decide to teach the lazy farmer a lesson! We hope that the children will learn that some words are actually the sounds that they make and also that caring for each other and team work is important when there is lots of work to do!

If you wish to find out more please take a look at the Farmer Duck slide below.

Topic - On the Farm

To support the children's learning of Farmer Duck we will be exploring the topic 'On the Farm' to enable the children to learn more about what happens on a farm. We will engage in activities indoors and outdoors to support the children's learning.

onthefarmfarmer duck4farmer duck7


For this half term we will continue with counting 1 to 5+ (and recognising those numerals), looking at size (small, medium and large) and positional language (in front of, behind, next to, in, on, under and between). The children will engage in activities that allow them to explore these concepts in their learning and will be supported through their everyday activities. 


Easter and Pentecost


For the first half of the term we will be learning all about the joy that Easter brings. The children will learn about the story of Easter and how we use Alleluia in celebration of Jesus' risen life. We will engage in activities that support this learning and for latter half of the term we will be learning about the Holy Spirit and Pentecost. We hope that the children will have fun engaging with the activities and start to understand the importance of these seasons for us. 


Week Beginning - Monday 19th April (Week 1 )

Welcome back everyone! We've had a great week in nursery. Everybody has settled in quickly and we have enjoyed the fine weather that has blessed us this week! The children have enjoyed being outdoors and have enjoyed being involved with watering the nursery garden, playing with the mud kitchen, planting sunflower seeds (hopefully they will grow) and starting to learn about our "Farmer Duck" story. They have also enjoyed practising for our sport's day that will hopefully take place in June.

Week Beginning - Monday 26th April (Week 2)

We have had another busy week. The weather was still good and the children took part in lots of activities outside. We have talked about what jobs are done on a farm, named the characters in "Farmer Duck" and also had fun singing and playing with our instruments. Thank you Mrs Asbury for our music lessons! 

Week Beginning - Tuesday 4th May (Week 3)

After the Bank Holiday we came back full of energy for a fabulous week. The children learned some new vocabulary from Farmer Duck, finished our Alleluia display (now on our wall), practiced using positional language and played our musical instruments to 'Old Macdonald had a 'Band' '. We also spent time with Miss Gould for PE and walked to the field to use the climbing frame and other equipment to enhance our Physical Development. The children had great fun on the climbing frame and it was wonderful to see the looks of delight on their faces as they engaged in their play.

Following are some photos of this week's activities (and some from last week).

Week Beginning - Monday 10th May (Week 4)

Another busy week in Nursery! The children sequenced the 'Farmer Duck' story, started to talk about the Holy Spirit (RE) and had fun practicing races for the School Sports Day.  

Week Beginning - Monday 17th May (Week 5)

We started the week with more PE and learning about Big and Small for Maths. The children made a Story Map of 'Farmer Duck' with Mrs Orife's help. On Wednesday morning the children had balloon races in the hall to show how powerful wind can be. This helped us to understand how the Holy Spirit cannot be seen but is also powerful. One of the children said, "It protects us!" We've also seen the chicks hatch from their eggs outside the Reception class and seen a tractor, that was cutting the grass, on the school field! A fun filled week for everyone.

Week Beginning - Monday 24th May (Week 6)

The last week before half term! We cannot believe how quickly time has flown in Nursery. We have learned about Big and Small animals, performed our own stories (using our understanding of Farmer Duck), talked about Pentecost being the birthday of the Christian church, practiced our races for sports day and made small Scarecrows to take home.  

Have a wonderful half term and we will see you back on Tuesday the 8th June! Fingers crossed the weather will be good! 

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