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Summer Term 1 - April to May 2024

Welcome back! We hope that you had a relaxing Easter break and we are looking forward to spending this half term getting ready for Summer and the warmer, drier months ahead! We shall hopefully be outside more often and looking at the wonderful world God gave us and how it is changing with the changing seasons.

The Enormous Turnip - Traditional Tale

Enormous Turnip_frontcover.webp

Our book for this half term is The Enormous Turnip, a Traditional Tale. We will encourage the children to learn this story and find out what happens when the characters try to pull out the enormous turnip! We hope that the children will learn about growing food and teamwork and we'll have fun finding out how important it is when there is lots of work to do!

For this half term we will continue with counting 1 to 5+ (and recognising those numerals), comparing sizes and positional language (in front of, behind, next to, in, on, under and between). The children will engage in activities that allow them to explore these concepts in their learning and will be supported through their everyday activities, often linked to our story for the term. 


comparing sizes

Topic - Growing/On the Farm

food on farm

For this half of the Summer Term we will be looking at Growing and Farms and what goes on on 'the farm'.

This topic will link with our story for the term and hopefully the children will learn about the jobs that animals and people do on farms. We will also learn about other people who might help us. We will also be doing some of our own jobs in the Nursery garden.

The children will learn about food that is grown/produced on farms and we will be planting some seeds in the Nursery garden too!

For the first part of the term we will be learning all about the joy that Easter brings. The children will learn about the story of Easter and how we use Alleluia in celebration of Jesus' risen life. We will engage in activities that support this learning and for latter half of the term we will be learning about God's Family and start to look at the Holy Spirit and Pentecost. We hope that the children will have fun engaging with the activities and start to understand the importance of these seasons for us. 

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