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Welcome to Year 4 2023-2024!

Welcome to Year 4!

We are going to be having an amazing year together and I am looking forward to teaching you all.

In the Autumn Term we are learning about the Groovy Greeks.

We are lucky to have drama this half term and a music specialist.

Below is some information for you all, as well as a link to some recommended reads for Year 4.

We have had a great start to the year!

Miss Lee



Spellings, Times table grids and Learn its will be given out every week on a Friday. We will also add them to this webpage each week. 



PE days are Thursdays and Fridays, children may wear PE kit to school on these days. 

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Times Tables

In year 4 times tables are vital, especially in light of the year 4 national times tables test at the end of the year.

We have been and will continue to teach the times tables in a variety of ways. 

We have been using flashcards (on Powerpoints), rolling numbers and times tables rockstars. 

We have also been using songs to help us.


Here are some to help but others are avialable too. 

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z_BJjR9rdwA  (8 times table)

6 Times Table Song (Cover of Shake It Off by Taylor Swift!) - YouTube

7 Times Table Song (Bad Habits by Ed Sheeran) Laugh Along and Learn - YouTube

9 Times Table Song (Brave by Sara Bareilles) Laugh Along and Learn - YouTube

11 Times Table Song (I Gotta Feeling by Black Eyed Peas) Laugh Along and Learn - YouTube



Joseph and his dreams

In RE, we then looked at Joseph, Jacob's son. This was over two weeks, with looking at his relationship with his brothers and his dremas, before moving onto when he was in Egypt.

The children role played and freeze framed key parts of the story, before writing in their books. 


Year 4 are very lucky to be having drama this term with Pixie.

They've been working in groups and have developing their dramatic skills, as well as playing a range of games to support their learning. 

Week 25th -29th September

In RE we moved on from Abraham and Isaac and started to look at Jacob- Isaac's son. We acted out his dream and then drew our own interpretations of it. 


In maths we were working on flexible partitioning of 4 digit numbers.

4356= 4000 + 300+ 50 + 6

       = 3000 + 1300 + 30 + 26

Week 18-22 September

In RE we had been learning about creation and how we are all made in the image and likeness of God. Now we've moved onto the Bible stories of Abraham to Joseph. This last week we have looked at Abraham and God's promise to him, starting from how he was named Abram and moving onto the story of Abraham and Isaac. Below are some examples of the story maps and written work by a few children on this Bible story. 

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