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Welcome to Year 4 class page! We make learning a fun experience!

Home learning 2020

Thank you to those children who have been sending in photos of their home learning! All your work was amazing to look at!

Summer Term overview

Here is a breif outline of what I will be covering in the Summer term through online teaching. 

Persuasive Letter

Spring Curriculum Map

Children and the Chocolate factory- STEM project.

On Wednesday 15th January 2020, Year 4 were lucky enough to visit UTC Reading to work alongside big engineering companies such as Thames Water, Stantec and Kier. The children worked in teams to understand the environment and engineering that takes place every day-here are some photos of the activities the children took part in.

Young Visitors- Year 4 were lucky enough to buddy up with reception class this week.

Open day- 25th October 2019

Huge thank you to all parents who come in and helped Year 4 make their own Greek Theatre masks!

Harvest Mass- Thank you for all your donations we have passed on all the products to a local charity, Redifood.

Groovy Greek Week!

Thank you to all parents and guardians who helped make or buy the outfits for today! All the children have had an amazing week learning about the Ancient Greeks!

On Tuesday the children created their very own Greek menus as well as the traditional sweet dish Galaktoboureko (Custard pie). The children all took turns to make different parts of the dish and we focussed a lot on kitchen safety and hygiene. After it was cooked everyone got a chance to taste the master piece. As you can see from the photos some of them loved and others were not too keen!

On Wednesday we had a look Greek pottery. We learnt how everyday life was always depicted in their pottery and the process used to create them. The children designed their own vases using the technique of etching.

On Thursday we read and acted out the story of Helen of Troy. Children created their own puppet Greek or Trojan soldiers as well as created a large Trojan horse. The children were very excited acting this story and really enjoyed themselves.

On Friday the children learnt about the Greek Gods and their roles before ending the week with fine wine (Ribena) and dine experience. 

Year 4 had a great week and we hope you enjoy looking at the photos. 

Myths and Legend stories

In year 4, we have been writing our very own myths and legend stories. After many hours of prefecting these stories, we then wrote the final draft on our lengendary swords. Here are some pictures of our final pieces but if you get chance please come in and read them.


We have been studying the story of Jacob and understanding God's promise to Abaraham. Here are some photos of the art work we created in our lesson. 

Video link


Here is a link of the songs we are practising for The Hexagon concert

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