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Curriculum News Letter

Here is a breif outline of what we will be covering for every subject this year in Year 4!

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Meet the teacher

Here is a video of our new classroom setting in Year 4 and the routines we have in place.

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In year 4, we have celebrated the risen Christ by decorating our alter with flowers. ‘ he is risen!’


18th February

This week in Year 4, we have been finishing off our historical narrative stories. Last week, as a class, we wrote the beginning, build up and problem. This week, children wrote their own alternative ending. Each story has their own character, weapon and monster to make each story their own. A long side this, they typed their stories as a cross curriculum computing piece, learning to word progress word in a neat style.

11th February

This week in RE, we have been thinking creatively about 'The Transfiguration of Jesus'. At first, we read the story and then we annotated artwork from the transfiguration. After this, we created our own paintings based on 'The Transfiguration of Jesus'. Though this art, we learnt that Jesus is God's beloved Son. 


4th February 2022

Chinese new year

"Xīnnián hǎo" (新年好)( Good New Year)

Year 4 enjoyed having Eva Chiu and Tommy Lau in to celebrate Chinese New Year. We decorated the classroom with red lanterns, tiger decorations and a dragon. Cannes also give out traditional Hong Kong sweets which tasted like strawberries. We then made paper fortune cookies to give to our friends and family. 

28th January 2022

Writing features

This week in Year 4, we have joined exploring how to make our historical ambitious and interesting using fronted adverbials, expanded noun phrases and prepositional phrases. They have all done a great job. Well done year 4!

writing features

Jack's crocodile

Jack bought his Lego crocodile to show us. We made it all by himself using the Lego instructions. The mouth, body and tail move too. Well done Jack ! We were all super impressed!


21st January 2022

Other faiths week

Year 4 enjoyed learning more about Islam in other faiths week. This term we learnt about the Qur'an and how Muslims are directed, by the Qur'an, in there anyway life.

14th January 2022

Art Day- year 4

Year 4 enjoyed learning about Yakoi Kusama. Yakoi Kusama is a pop culture artist that uses dots and patterns to create whole rooms of art on objects, funiture and walls! Together we created dots for our part in the schools installation room ( chairs). 

Materials- science ( melting)

In science, year 4 have been measuring the temperature of materials that melt. They melted chocolate in pudding cups that were in hot water. They found out that different types of chocolate melt at different temperatures and that chocolate changes from a solid to a liquid. 

Ol Moran

Through the British Council, we have linked up with Ol Moran School in Kenya. This partnership will enable our children to make friends with and learn about the lives of children living in a very different part of the world. On Friday, learnt a little Anout Ol Moran, wrote them letters and drew about what type houses we live in and how we get to school. We hope to built a strong friendship with the children and get to how all about life in Kenya, soon. 

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