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Welcome to the Reception Page!

Welcome to the Reception Class page. The teachers in Reception are always happy to speak to you and answer an questions you may have. They are Mrs Cosgrove (Weds, Thurs, Fri), Mrs McAdden and Miss Bradshaw. 

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Our Class Blog

6.12.19 We are getting ready for Christmas!


c - short sound. Cat or can. Formation - here we go, curl around the caterpilar

k - short sound. Kite or Kip (same as c). Formation - here we go, down the kangaroo, round his head and down his leg

ck - short sound (same as c and k). Always at the end or in the middle - never ever at the beginning. Pick or sock

e - short sound. Egg or elephant. Formation - here we go, around the egg. 

Tricky words

I                 into


d - short sound. Dog or Dinosaur. Formation - here we go, round the dinosaurs bottom, up his long neck and down to his feet.

g - short sound. Gift or get. Formation - here we go, round the girls face, down her hair and curl.

o - short sound. Orange or octopus. Formation -here we go, all around the orange.

i - short sound. Igloo or in. Formation - here we go, down the insect and dot his head.

m - long sound. Monster or money. Formation - here we go down maisie, mountain, mountain. 

n - long sound. Net or nettle. Formation - here we go, down nobby, over the net. 

Tricky Words


Autumn Walk

This week we went on and Autumn walk to spot all the signs around that let us know it's Autumn. What can you see on the way to and from school that lets you know its Autumn?

Tricky words

We now know two 'tricky' words (we sometimes call them red words). After encouraging children to use their sounds, they are now unable to as these words can't be read using the phonic sounds we teach...the English language is very tricky! We encourage the children to learn to read them by sight. You can practise these at home as well. How about making flash cards and hiding them around your home? Or hiding them under bubbles in the bath?

the               go


So far we have learnt these four sounds. Feel free to practise them at home with your child, playing games and making it fun. You can practise saying them, and writing them. Please ensure you are saying them correctly and writing them using the cursive script.

's' - long sound ssssssss as in snake and sun

'a' - short, bouncing sound a a a as in ant and anchor

't' - short, bouncing sound t t t as in tap and tower

'p' short, bouncing sound p p p as in pink and pet

Make sure you are saying the smallest unit of sound and not adding an 'er' on such as 't-er' and 'p-er'

Feel free to enjoy singing the Jolly Phonics songs for each sound. These can be found on youtube.

You can also practise reading and writing using them. We call this blending and segmenting.


Saying each sound and then blending them togther to read the word. For example, if you put three sound cards together to make the word 'sat', we would look at them carefully, say each sound in order 's' 'a' 't' and then try and blend these sounds together in order to read the word 'sat'. You can practise blending in lots of ways, try asking your child to get their 'c' 'oa' 't' and allowing them to blend the sounds together to hear 'coat'. Try asking them to touch their 'h' 'e' 'd' and allowing them to blend the sounds together to hear 'head'. Try playing i spy in sound talk, "I spy with my little eye a 'c' 'ar'.



This is where we break a word into sounds in order to write it down. So if we are writing the word 'sat' we think about what the first sound might be 'sssssss' then an 'a' and a 't' on the end. We then have a go at writing each sound down. Again you can practise segmenting skills playing games, just reversing the blending games. Tell your child they can only talk in sounds to order their breakfast.  

Did she like it?

It looks like The Little Red Hen did like our bread. Let us hope that she now has a much deserved rest. 

Chicken eating bread

Making Bread

We recieved a lovely letter this week from The Little Red Hen, however, it was actually rather sad. She said that although she very much enjoyed visiting us on Friday she was so very tried and weary from making all the bread with no help. This immediately gave the children in Reception the excellent idea of helping her make bread, which they have done excellently.

A Very Special Visitor

We were lucky enough to have a visit form The Little Red Hen herself. She was so so so tired from making the bread with no help. She was so friendly and we all enjoyed having a hold. 

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