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Welcome to Summer 1

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Week 1

Welcome back, I hope you all had a peaceful Easter break and were able to enjoy some family time. 

This week Reception have welcomed eggs that hav hatched into chicks. We have been visiting them daily to check on their progress. 

PE days are now Monday and Tuesday. Miss Talbot has kindly taken on PE as Mrs Cosgrove now struggles to run!

Week 2

This week we had a fabulous day on Friday spending the whole day outside. Check out the photos to see what we got up to. Also pictured are our presentations about the artist Wassily Kandinsky. He was a Russian painter who was believed to have been the first abstract artist. 

Week 3

Myyra's Diary Entry

Maks' Diary Entry

Cyril's Diary Entry

Week 4

The children have been excellent this week doing their reading SATs. Next week is maths, please practise as much as you can over the weekend.


Pictures our from our lovely music and movement lessons with Miss Toole and our art lesson. We are creating abstract art based on inspiration from different music genres. We listened to; pop ('Shake it off' by Taylor Swift), rock ('Living on a Prayer' Bon Jovi), reggie ('Three Little Birds' by Bob Marley) and classial (Ludovico Einaudi).

Week 5

Today, we received a special delivery from Ol Moran, in the post.  It was a postcard from our link school, in Kenya, Ol Moran. Absko, who wrote the postcard, told us all about his family, house and school.  As a class we decided to each write a postcard back to tell Absko about our families and homes and answer the questions he had asked us.

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