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Autumn Term 1 - September 2020

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Rosie's Walk

Rosie's Walk is our model text for this half term. The children will engage in Talk 4 Writing and play activities, linked to this wonderful story.

All About Me

Our topic for this half term is All About Me. The children will be getting to know each other and making new friends and finding out all about themselves through songs, stories and rhymes.


"The Creation Story" and "How God Loves Us" will form our Religious Education, and the children will engage in group time, prayer and quiet time, to reflect on these topics, during this half term.

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creation story

Week beginning - Monday 28th September

This week our focus was on the postional language used in Rosie's Walk and in RE we focussed on The Creation Story and how we could thank God for all the wonder he brings us.

The children were encouraged to use positional language in their play both indoors and outdoors. Many of the children loved going through the pop up tunnel in the nursery playground.

We thought about thank you prayers and now have a 'thank you' box on our class alter for prayers of thanks to God. 


Week beginning - Monday 5th October

2D shapes and sequencing Rosie's Walk were our main focus points in nursery this week.

The children looked for 2D shapes indoors and outdoors, made playdough 2D shapes and experimented with collage to make rockets out of 2D shapes. They also worked hard putting the events in Rosie's Walk in order. 

Our RE focus was how God loves us and we discussed who loves us and takes care of us in our every day lives.


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tymon rocket
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Week beginning - Monday 12th October

Our focus points for this week were Colour and retelling Rosie's Walk. 

The children made a story map of Rosie's Walk together and had fun exploring colour with paint, both inside and outside the nursery. 

Our RE focus was again about how God loves us and we talked about all the different kinds of people who care about us and help us in our community. We sang, 'He's got the Whole World in His Hands' together to help them understand.



Week beginning - Monday 19th October

This was the last week before our half term break so we had lots to do.

We continued with the theme of Colour, for maths, and the children 'innovated' the story of Rosie's Walk, using hand puppets as props. 

For our topic work we talked about feelings and how we can tell someone's feelings by looking at their faces. The children experimented with making faces and trying to guess how each person was feeling, by their expression.

For RE the children heard the story of Noah and the Ark and how God promised to look after us all. The children were able to collage their own rainbows during the week.

On Friday the children had a day for treats. We had party food during the morning session and carved out a pumpkin during the afternoon. The children were able to experience what the inside of a pumpkin looks, smells and feels like and we've kept some seeds to plant in the near future!

Have a wonderful half term break and we look forward to seeing you on the 2nd November.

God bless you. 

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