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Our First Day in Reception Class

Week 2

We are learning The Creation Story in RE this term.

The children went for a stomp on the field looking for things that God created. 

Week 3

We went to visit our school library. 

Week 4

On Wednesday we received a very exciting letter. We found out it was from the Little Red Hen. In her letter she explained that, even though she had asked her friends, no one helped her make the bread and she had to do it all by herself. 

We wrote a shopping list of the ingredients we will need to help the Little Red Hen bake some more bread.


Week 5

This week we have been learning to follow a recipe.

We made bread!

Feathers and Fur

The children had a wonderful morning learning about owls.

Week 6

We have been creating repeating patterns.

Week 7

Today we went to visit our church.

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