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Are you a prospective parent looking for a school place in September 2021? 

Please email me on head@st-annes.reading.sch.uk and I would be delighted either to show you round in person or to organise a virtual meeting to tell you all about our fantastic school!


Learning to live by faith and to be known by love

The children of St Anne's are known for their smiles, their generosity and their passion for learning!  We are a vibrant, happy forward-looking school in the heart of Caversham for children of any faith and no faith, where every pupil is scaffolded to aim for the stars.  Here, we believe that children learn best when they feel safe, are loved and are challenged.  As a result, teachers are committed to providing outstanding pastoral care alongisde the highest quality, engaging learning experiences.  

As recognised in our 2019 Ofsted report,

The school is a small but close-knit community. There is a strong sense of family values. Relationships between staff and pupils are warm and caring. The school is highly inclusive. Pupils with all different types of need are welcomed and feel part of the school community .... At the heart of this is a strong, shared commitment to every child’s success, underpinned by the school’s ethos...'

Our curriculum provision is outstanding and involves teaching by subject specialists from Year 3 meaning that children experience the best quality teaching across the entire curriculum.  

Currently, we have 197 children across 7 year groups.    We also have a 26 place Nursery.  Children come into our Reception class in the year that they are 5 and move up to secondary school at the end of Year 6, when they are 11.  Our school day starts at 8.50am and finishes at 3.25pm.  However, we do also have a super Before and After School Club, run by school staff which opens at 8.00 and ends at 18.00.

Please do contact the school office for a tour and I would love to show you round!

Mrs Sarah Bernto


Contact details for enquiries

If you have any questions or queries about our school, please contact the Head - Mrs Bernto - via email on head@st-annes.reading.sch.uk or phone the school office on 01189375537.

For enquires regarding SEND, please email our SENCO - Mrs Gemma Burnitt on senco@st-annes.reading.sch.uk or phone the school office on 01189375537.

For safeguarding enquires, please contact Mrs Bernto via email on head@st-annes.reading.sch.uk or phone the school office on 01189375537 and ask to speak to the Headteacher.


Just a few reminders for the term:

  • If your child has a high temperature, cough or change in sense of taste/smell, please do not send them to school.  Organise a Covid test immediately and phone the school office to let us know.  It is vital that we are informed of any test and its result since we are required to send home for 10 days any class in which a student has tested positive.
  • Students in Years 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 will play on the field each day during break and/or lunchtime.  For health and safety reasons, they will be required to change their shoes (into trainers) prior to going out.  Please make sure, therefore, that the children have their trainers in school every day.
  • Pupils may now wear summer uniform; this is not compulsory however until after the half term break.  Therefore, children may continue to wear winter uniform in the meantime.

Girls' summer uniform

Pale Blue Gingham (check) Dress

Navy Cardigan (branded or plain)

White / Navy Socks

Navy / Black Shoes (No Sandals or Trainers)


Boys' Summer Uniform        

Grey Shorts

Pale Blue Polo Shirt

Navy Jumper (branded or plain)

Grey socks

Black / Navy Shoes (No Sandals or Trainers)


This is a busy term.  Please see below some dates that you may wish to pop into your diary:

12.5.21 Parents' Evening Y1-6 5-7p.m.

13.5.21 Parents' Evening Y1-6 3.30-5p.m.

7.6.21 INSET - school closed

14.6.21 KS2 SATs week (internal)

22.6.21 Sports Day (Covid-permitting)

24.6.21 Back up Sports Day (Covid-permitting)

9.7.21 Reports out to parents

16.7.21 Report surgery

20.7.21 Leavers' Mass (Covid-permitting) + term ends at 1p.m.


Online live tutorials on google meet

How do I use google.meet? please also see the online agreement above. 

Embedded Calendar

Our School Leaders

Thank you to our One World Council this term for their work on our Anti-Bullying Leaflets, for collecting bottle tops ready for our library masterpiece and for help with the second hand sale.

Thank you to our Reading leaders for striving (against the odds) to keep the library tidy!

Thank you to our Sports leaders for accompanying classes to sporting events and for supporting them.

Thank you to our Music leaders for assisting Mrs Asbury with lunchtime clubs.

One World Council

Year 1 – Roli and Mathias

Year 2 – Safa and Erickah

Year 3 – Isla and Gwen

Year 4 – Iva and Maria

Year 5 – Isabella de Jode, Marilyn and Isabella Huber-Valencia

Year 6 – Savvy, Lola and Lizzie


Music Leaders

Julia, Lola and Lizzie


Reading Leaders

Sapphi and Lianna


Sports Leaders

Aleka, Isabella and Izaac


























































































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