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Week One

Art Day

Today was a special day at St Anne's as it was Art Day.  We learnt about the artist Yakoi Kusama who is a contemporary Japenese artist, specialising in pop art. By many she is known as the Princess of Polka Dots. As a school we created a piece of ‘installation art’ – based on Yakoi Kusama. Each class used the artists style of dots to create a piece of art.  Reception had to paint dots on tentacles using inspriation from Yakoi Kusama's work.

Week 2

Today we had fun exploring ice.


Getting ready for our biscuit sale

Week 3

Stay and play - writing

Other Faiths Week

Reception Class have been learning about faiths from around the world.

Week 4

This week, we are learning about Baptism.

Our walk to Christchurch Bridge

We saw Caversham Bridge, Reading Bridge and the River Thames, but no trolls or goats.

Week 5

We visited the baptismal font at St Anne’s Church.

We have been celebrating Chinese New Year.

We have been investigating how rice changes when it’s been cooked.

We have been learning to add and subtract using the ‘Part Whole’ model.

Our new construction area.


Retelling the story of ‘The Three Billy Goats Gruff.’

Thank you for being a wonderful audience!

Week 6

We are learning about measuring this week. 

The children worked together to put themselves in height order.

Exploring how spaghetti changes when it's been cooked.

Music with Mrs Tool

Week 7


This week, we have been investigating the changing state of chocolate.

We have been acting out the story of the Presentation of Jesus into the Temple.



We have been learning to recognise coins.


We have been learning to descibe a character.

Treat Day

Reception have been working really hard this term and they have filled their pompom jar. As a reward, we iced biscuits and spent some time with our Year Six buddies.

Our Class Liturgy on Friendship

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