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These are the Learn Its that the children will be learning this week. All children need to learn these off by heart and be able to answer them as quickly as they can say their name. Please practise with your child at home. 

1 + 1=

2 + 2 =

3 + 3 =


Please see below the phase 3 sounds we will be learning each week. We have also attached a list of interactive games you may wish to play with your child to practice your son/daughter's sounds at home. 

Week 1 - ur, ow, oi  (tricky words: was, my)

Week 2 - ear, air, ure (tricky word: you)

Week 3 - er (tricky word: her)

Week 4 - tricky words: he, she, the, to, we, me, be, my, was, no, go, you, they, all, her, are

Week 5 - tricky words: he, she, the, to, we, me, be, my, was, no, go, you, they, all, her, are 

Week 6 - tricky words: he, she, the, to we, me, be, my, was, no, go, you, they, all her, are






The Giant Turnip

To beginning our topic this term,  'Growing', we read the story 'The Enormous Turnip'. We loved hearing that the turnip grew so big that it took the farmer, his wife, Jack, the cat, the dog and the robin to pull the it out of the soil. The children had a great day exploring different vegetables that grow in the ground like a turnip, by cutting them up and then used them to print different patterns on big sheets of paper.  Everyone enjoyed their first topic lesson on 'Growing' and can't wait for the term ahead. 

Plant Hunt

We hunted round the garden and identified all the different plants we could find. We very carefully looked at a plants roots and learnt about the other parts of a plant. We also learnt what a plant needs to be healthy. We had a very special cass liturgy where we thanked God for our plants and promised to look after them. 

Week 2

Tricky Words

Today the children revised their tricky words. They fished for the tricky words written on the carrots in the water. They then had to read the word and write it, using a carrot and paint, on a piece of paper. All children had great fun practising these tricky words and were able to read them out confidently.

Giant Visit

We have been learning how to ask a question this week. So when the Giant came to visit us we had plenty to ask him. We learnt lots about him, he was in our school looking for Jack. Thankfully, we didn't have any Jack's! 

Week 3

This week we have been dicussing our class rules again to make sure we are always doing our very best to follow them. We only have three rules but they are VERY important rules. They are; Ready, Respectful and Safe. We all made a promises. To make sure we are ready; whether it be ready for learning, ready for lunch or ready to listen. To make sure we are always respectful; respectful towards one another, respectful towards our environment and respectful towards our adults. To make sure we are always safe.  

We had much excitment at the beginning of the week when we were able to use our brand new climbing frame. We love it!!!!


Week 4

This week we have been learning to tell the story of Jack and the Beanstalk (video to follow) and write sections of the story. In maths we have been doubling which was really tricky but the children have mastered it amazingly (ask them to double numbers to 10). In topic we are learning about the life cycle of a frog, we are looking for some frogspawn but a bit worried the cold weather has made it more difficult than normal to find. 


Lastly, thank you so much for you contribution of cakes! We raised a huge £105.80. This will go some way towards paying for the chicks. We are asking for a further £3 per child if you are possibly able to contribute. 



Week 5

This week we have been exploring vegetables (take a look at the photos below) and deciding which vegetable we like the best, after reading the story 'Oliver's Vegetables'.  Oliver doesn't like any vegetables apart from potatoes, but his Grandpa agrees that he can have chips as long as he gives the other vegetables, in his garden, a try. In the end Oliver loves all the vegetables he finds and especially likes eating homemade pea soup - yummy! 


We have had the BEST week watching our chicks come into the world. On Monday an incubator full of eggs arrived, we observed them carefully and noticed that across the day on Tuesday they began to crack. On Wednesday we came to school to see 9 chicks had hatched out and were so happy to see two more hatch! All 11 eggs hatched into chicks. Now we are enjoying looking after them.

Week 6

The children have had a lovely first summer term and we hope you all have a wonderful half term next week. Today we read about the Pentecost and discussed how Jesus made a promise to his diosciples. That God would send the 'Holy Spirit' to them, which would stay with them forever and give them the power to tell people about God's love for everyone. As a class, we then acted out the story of the 'Holy Spirit' appearing.  Take a look at the pictures below. 


Goodbye Chicks

Today the chicks went back to the farm, where they are very well looked after and cared for. We have loved having them. They have visited all the classes in the school and stayed the night with Mrs Cosgrove and Miss Bird. 

Bucklebury Farm Trip

Reception and Nursery Trip to Bucklebury Farm


Dear Parents/Carers


On Friday 18th June we will be visiting Bucklebury Farm Park. Here we will have the opportunity to feed and meet the animals on a tour with the farmer, ride on a trailer to visit the deer and play in the park.


To get to the farm we will travel by coach. On the day of the trip we will be leaving school promptly at 9:15am. Please ensure your child is in on time for school this day.


Every child will have a lunch provided by the school. However, if you would like to provide lunch please indicate on the reply slip below. The lunch will need to be packed in a clearly labelled disposable bag. Every child will need a bottle of water, again in a disposable bottle.


The children will need to be in full school uniform as normal and bring in a raincoat with a hood and a sun hat to be prepared for all weather. The children may wear trainers or plimsolls.


In order for the trip to run we will be asking for a voluntary contribution of £13.20 to cover the cost of transport and entrance to the farm. Although this contribution is voluntary, without sufficient donations this trip may not run. Payments must be made through your Parent Pay account. This is also where you give your consent for us to take your child on the trip.


To ensure child to adult ratios are in line with legal requirements we will also need parents to attend the trip. Please see me if you are able available. Unfortunately on this occasion siblings will not be able to attend.  


If you have any concerns or questions please do come and speak to your class teacher as soon as possible.


Laura Cosgrove, Charlotte Talbot and Mrs Orife

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