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First Day Back!

Exciting news!!! We have eggs in an incubator. Hopefully, they will start to hatch in the next few days.


Week 1

Our chicks have started to hatch!

Week 2

This term we are reading Jack and the Beanstalk.

Today, the giant came to visit our classroom. We questioned him about his behaviour and his relationship with Jack.

Our Outdoor Well-Being Day

Week 3

We went to church this week, to look at the Easter Candle.


Real PE

In PE this week, we have been focusing on coordination and agility. 

Music with Mrs Toole


Week 4

This week, is walk to school week. It is a five-day walking challenge and everyone can get involved. 



In RE this week, are learning about Pentecost.

We have been learning a dance to retell the events of Pentecost.

Stay and Play - Music

Today, the children and parents enjoyed a wonderful music lesson with Mrs Toole our music teacher.

Week 5

This week in Maths, we are learning to recognise the connection between sharing, grouping and solving practical problems.

Mrs McAdden had 10 bars of chocolate and there was 20 children in the classroom.

We had to work out how to share the chocolate equally. 

Celebrating the Queen's Jubilee

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