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Year 6 - 2022-2023 - Important information for parents

Year 6 2022-2023 5-9 December

With yet another great 3-0 win to England against Senegal on Sunday night, the children (and staff) are still well and truly in World Cup mode. As you may have seen on the school PSA Facebook page, Mr Gaylor promised an inflatable football Santa if he received 50 likes. Staying true to his word, on Monday, the Santa entered the playground and will remain there until the World Cup is over - look out for him on the school run!


Year 6 2022-2023 28 November-2 December

World Cup Fever is rife in St.Anne's at the moment! Watching England win 6-2 against Iran on their first match was such a fab event to share together. Since then, more children; both girls and boys, have been playing football during lunch breaks and free time. 

We also have been decorating Christmas cards that will be sent to elderly/housebound Parishoners and to St.Luke's care home in Emmer Green.


Year 6 2022-2023 21-25 November

Year 6 had a great day dressing up in spots for their last Children in Need day at St.Annes.

We also had a prison guard and a prison govenor come and visit us, telling us what prisons are like, showing us what they wear and answering questions the children had - this linked to our topic of crime & punishment last half term. 


Year 6 2022-2023 14-18 November

This week, the children all voted for their One World Council leaders. They made their choice based upon who they thought was a good role model, who was a good friend, a strong leader and who would be a good spokesperson for the children of St.Annes. The two people who they thought fitted this role perfectly were Fejiro & Ottillie. Congratulations to you both! 


Year 6 2022-2023 7-11 November

Literacy - This half term we are writing a setting decription based on the book 'Holes' that we have been reading this term. We started by first describing what it would be like outside the Warden's cabin, using our body senses. 

descriptive writing

Year 6 2022-2023 31 October - 4 November

Mass - This week was our first Mass back at St. Anne's church since starting year 6. As part of one of the responsibilities of being a year 6; you take part in the ceremony. Some of the children read, some gave the offering, while others greeted the church goers and handed out the orders of service at the door. 


Year 6 2022-2023 17-21 October

Year 6 Gold Tie Assembly-This week, the year 6 children received their gold ties. They all also became sports leaders, receiving a sports leader badge and our Reading leaders were announced; congratulations Rebecca, Gwen, Owee & Emielia! 


Year 6 2022-2023 3-7 October

Year 6 Literacy - This half term, we've been working on writing a persuasive text on why criminals should be punished. Here is an example of our work. 

persusave tet

Year 6 2022-2023 10-15 October

Year 6 Music - In this lesson, we worked together in groups to compose and perform music for different film scenes. We composed a love story, sadness, tense scene, a danger scene and a chase scene. 


Year 6 2022-2023 12-16 Sept

Year 6 Bleep test


Week 1

Year 6 2022-2023 26-30 September

Year 6 practising their team building skills with Reading Rockets



Year 6 2022-2023 19-23 September

Year 6 recieved their First Aid certificates



Year 6 2021-2022!


Secondary School Appications

Please see the document below which explains the admissions process for secondary schools. 

9.9.21 - English

This week in Literacy children have been writing persuasive texts based on a subject of their choice. Over the coming weeks we shall be editing them to ensure that all of the Year 6 objectives are met.


Year 6 Class Party


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