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Week 5

This week we have been talking about mental health and how we can express our feelings.


Week 4

This week, we have made story maps of ‘The Cat in the Hat.’ The children used the story maps to help them retell the story. They all knew the story really well and used lots of expression while they were reading. Year 1, are super storytellers!

Week 3

This week the children have been learning 'Pope Francis's five finger prayer. 

They have been using their whole hand to write and say prayers.

Your hand is a part of you and can help you to pray for yourself and for other people.


Week 2

This week we have using different types of media to create 'Franz Marc' art.


Week 1

Happy new year. I hope you are all keeping safe and well.

The children have been working really hard this week. Home learning can be tricky but you have all made an amazing start.

Miss Bradshaw and myself enjoy seeing your lovely faces.

Autumn 2 Week 6


This week we had a former pupil of St Anne’s come in and talk to us about how the school has changed over time. He showed us some old photographs and shared some amusing stories. The children asked some fantastic questions and learnt a lot about their school.

Week 5

This week, we went on a wonderful senses walk to inspire our writing!

Week 4

The artist we are studying this term is Faith Ringgold.

Faith Ringgold is an American painter, writer, mixed media sculptor and performance artist, best known for her narrative quilts.

The children have been using their creativity to draw and paint portraits in a similar style to Faith Ringgold.

This week we have been learning to observe and draw anatomy using a mannequin. They are beginning to sketch using more and more detail. 


Week 3

This term we are reading ‘Meerkat Mail’ by Emily Gravett.

Sunny the meerkat lives with his enormous family in the Kalahari Desert. One day Sunny decides to go on a trip to visit all his mongoose relatives around the world. He sends postcards home to his family and at first they are full of enthusiasm, but as the trip goes on and he has to stay with family who stay up all night, to those that live in swamps, to those who eat eggs off farms, he decides that maybe his own family is just right for him!

The children have been learning the features of a postcard and have really enjoyed writing her own postcards to Sunny.

This week we are learning to write sentences about Sunny, making sure we include the days of the week, capital letters, full stop and exclamation marks.


Week 2

In the month of November, we remember those who have died.

Year One have been working together to make a poppy wreath. They placed their wreath on our altar. We prayed for those who gave their lives and also for peace.



Autumn 2 week 1

What an amazing start to Autumn term 2!

The children have made fantastic firework pictures using chalk and glitter. All of their art works is on display in the classroom. They are very proud of their achievements and enjoy sharing their work with anyone that visits our classroom.

 We were very excited!

We had a fireman come and visit our classroom. He explained how to can keep safe. Including, how to keep safe around fireworks and bonfires.  


The children have been learning to sort fiction and non-fictions books.

Autumn 1 week 8

Week 7

RE and Worship

We have been learning about Families and Celebrations in RE. The children used role play to recreate 'The Wedding of Cana and The Last Supper.' Also, the children have been working together on their class learning journal. This journal is a wonderful celebration of the children's achievements. 

Week 6

In History this term, we have been learning facts about Queen Elizabeth 11. The children have designed and made their own castles, investigated coins and stamp and recreated the Queen’s coronation. Next week, we are going to have a queen’s tea party. The children will have the opportunity to make and eat a healthy sandwich. If you don’t wish for your child to take part in this activity, please contact a member of the Year 1 team.

week 5

We have been learning to name and compare materials and their properties. So far we have investigated…

  • The best materials to build a house.
  • The best mixture of sand and water to build a sandcastle.
  • The best material for a bouncy ball.



Week 4


We had an amazing music lesson with Mrs Asbury this week. The children explored how music can be created using different types of materials. They performed ‘Baby Shark’ and ‘The Can Can.’ 

Week 3

This term in art, we have been learning about the artist, ‘Vincent Van Gogh.’ We have looked at the different types of media he used in his art.

The children have been learning how to draw with art pencils and charcoal. They have used paint to mix colour and to make shades and tones.



This term we are reading 'Zog' by Julia Donaldson.

We have been learning the story of Zog through drama. The children have been attending Dragon School all week. We started the week with flying lessons, then moved on to roaring lessons. The dragons even learnt how to capture a princess and finally they all received a golden star for their excellent work.



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