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Remote Education - Provision

During Covid, St Anne's excelled in the remote learning provision that was put in place. We are mindful of the possibility that there may be occasions in the future when remote learning may be necessary.  

Remote education will, as per government guidelines, only ever be considered as a last resort where a decision has already been made that attendance at school is not possible, but pupils are able to continue learning.  Attendance is essential for pupils to get the most out of their school experience, including for their attainment, wellbeing, and wider life chances. Remote education should therefore not be viewed as an equal alternative to attendance in school.

Circumstances where it might not be possible for pupils to receive in person education fit

into two broad categories:

• School closures or restrictions on attendance, where school access for pupils is restricted.  If restricting attendance for pupils is the only viable option, the school will should consider providing remote education to help pupils stay on track with the education they would normally receive.

• Individual cases where a pupil is unable to attend school but is able to learn.  In these circumstances, and after the pupil’s absence from school has been established, the school will consider each pupil's needs on a case-by-case basis.

Where pupils have access to appropriate devices, remote education might include recorded and / or live direct teaching time, as well as time for pupils to complete tasks, reading, and assignments independently, depending on their age and stage of development. 

Provision will be made ready for pupils to access as soon as reasonably practicable, though in proportion to the length of absence and expected disruption to education.

Remote education will be provided that is equivalent in length to the core teaching time pupils would receive in school where possible, being mindful of the individual needs and circumstances of the pupil and their families. 



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