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Nursery Bake Sale

To raise money for Christmas decorations and craft items we held a bake sale on Friday 22nd. Some families generously brought in some delicious cakes but, as we love cooking in Nursery, we naturally had to get to work baking our own contribution. We used some of the leftover cocoa given to us by Grizzles the bear to make some delicious double chocolate ‘Brown Bear Cookies’.

We were able to use a recipe as a visual guide, broadening our understanding of the uses of written text and how text can convey meaning. We used our counting skills, number recognition and understanding of capacity to count and measure out the ingredients. We were able to observe the effect of heat and time on materials as our gooey dough transformed in the oven into delicious cookies.

Once again our classroom (and the hallways of the school!) smelled delightful! One of our class parents even joined us to make a second batch in the afternoon. Thank you to the parents who brought in cakes or came in to help and a huge thank you to those who bought some treats from our stall.

World Environment Week

We braved the chilly winds to clean up our Nursery garden, plant some spring bulbs and enjoy a hot chocolate as a hard earned reward for our toils.

Numeracy - The Oneness of One

This term we have been unpacking the concept of numbers and counting. It is easy to recall the rote sequence of numbers but it is another thing entirely to really understand and feel what each number represents. 

Using music, the light box and visual aids, we have been acquainting ourselves with the numerals 1-3 to gain a deeper understanding of what each numeral looks like but also, what the corresponding amount feels and looks like. We use the 'Numbers rhumba' song to get our bodies moving and blood flooding to our brain to help us concentrate and retain information before looking at the numeral represented in a variety of ways as well as counting objects, claps, jumps, stomps, children - everything! 

Writing numerals can be tricky but whether we are able to write the number, trace on top of the teacher's marks or make our own marks, we are consolidating our knowledge that marks and writing contain meaning - a powerful skill indeed.


We're going on a bear hunt....

This term our core literacy text is “We’re going on a bear hunt” by Michael Rosen and illustrated by Helen Oxenbury.

A stuffed teddy ‘Grizzles’ has quickly become the class mascot and a means to bring the story to life.

The class have received some letters from Grizzles and are beginning to experiment with writing back to him.

Grizzles kindly gave us some cocoa along with a letter and we made the most delicious smelling 'brown bear' play dough. Some children were able to create bears using the dough along with goggly eyes or create models of the scenes from the book such as the cave.

In PE we explored physicality of the words ‘under’ and ‘over’ – key positional language vocabulary from the text – by crawling under chairs and tunnels and over ramps and other gym equipment.

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The medium term planning and Curriculum overview for Nursery - Autumn 2 2019

Environmental Sounds

In both our PE lessons with Miss Gould and music lessons with Mrs Asbury we have been exploring different ways to move and 'travel' to different types of music.

This week we created a visual representation of those different ways of moving in the form of dance painting. We took off our socks and shoes and moved to some different types of music from fast to slow and of course - 'Baby Shark'. We finished the dance off with 'The Grand Old Duke of York', a current class favourite inspired by one particularly enthusiastic fan of the nursery rhyme.

Many laughs and moments of joy were shared and it was wonderful to see our older children advocating for the safety of their younger peers by holding their hands to keep them from slipping. What a lovely reflection of the love and compassion shared by the Nursery children. 

Music and the sound of instruments is one of the aspects of Stage 1 Phonics. This term the Nursery class have been exploring the first aspect - Environmental Sounds. Would you like to explore some environmental sounds at home?

We love BBC School Radio Stimulus Sounds. Check them out here https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b03g64q5

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Changing Seasons

As the weather starts to change, Nursery have been out investigating and observing the effects of the autumn season. 

On the field have been able to observe leaves changing colour from green to brown, spotted busy grey squirrels collecting food for the winter and have gathered a small collection of chestnuts (conkers) that have fallen from the trees. We have been able to count our conkers (17 in total) and order them from smallest to biggest. 

In the Nursery playground we have been able to spot many minibeasts such as snails, spiders, caterpillars, millipedes and a variety of green beetles. Magnifying glasses helped us to get a closer look. When we found a bug that we were unsure of, we were able to count their legs to see if it was a spider or a beetle and used our smart screen to look at different types of beetles.

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