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Are you a Year 6 pupil self isolating in Spr 1, 2022? Here is your work!

Spring 1

Each day

You should complete the following work whilst you are self-isolating:

- minimum 1 Maths lesson per day

- minimum 1 English writing lesson per day

- RE for 2 hrs 30 mins per week

Most work can be self-marked.  If you would like support with any lesson or feedback on any work, please email Mrs Bernto on head@st-annes.reading.sch.uk


Please complete and self-mark the SPAG books in ther order set. (See below).

Please look at this website for information on non-chronological reports.


Look at the examples of non-chronological reports. (See below).

Write your own non-chronological report, based on a creature from The Hobbit.


Please complete and self-mark the WRM worksheets in the order set. (See below).


Please complete the 'Christmas' PP and activities. Then complete the 'Confirmation and Baptism' PP and the activities.

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