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Are you a Year 2 student who is self-isolating in Summer 2, 2021? Here is your work!


Watch the video and complete the worksheet 

Week 4: 

T: Introducing capacity and volume  https://vimeo.com/559956342

W: Compare volume https://vimeo.com/560414083 

TH: Millilitres https://vimeo.com/559956611

F: Litres https://vimeo.com/559956853


Draw and research the following symbols in Our Church. What do they mean or represent? 


Look on google classroom. Their are sliders waiting for you ALL ABOUT PIRATES. research about priates then write a non-chronological report about pirates. Please email me your finished report. You should include:


Sub-tiles with a paragraph on each subject ( at least 4)

Did you know facts ( remember the question mark)

Pictures with captions

Please see the model text below as an example ( remember we did this last week!)


Science experiment time! 2-3 lessons worth.

Use the slides and the experiment sheet. 

How to complete a successful experiement: 

1. Complete investigation question ( which objectives sink or float in water?)

2. Write a prediction about what might happen. 

3. Write a list equipment that you will use. 

4. Collect object from around the house to test ( ask Mum or Dad first!)

5. Do you expeirement and record your results. Did each object float or sink? 

6. Draw a diagram, showing what you did. 

7. Write out your method. 

8. Write out your results

9. Write your conclusion 

challenge: now create your own expierment to do with water and complete the same process 

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