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Summer 2 - June/July 2022

Welcome back to Nursery and the final half term of this academic year. We will be preparing to say goodbye to some children as they head for Reception and meeting new children to start their journeys in Nursery. It will be an emotional time for us and a happy time to see so many faces making the big step into 'big' school. We promise to make your children's transitions as easy as possible and look forward to seeing them begin their new journeys this coming September. We also are looking forward to the other children who will be staying with us to continue with their Nursery journeys in September. We look forward to watching the children blossom and develop in the coming weeks and months ahead. Again thank you all for the continued support you give your children through the year..

Talk 4 Writing - What the Ladybird Heard by Julia Donaldson.

For the final story of the year we are going to learn What the Ladybird Heard by Julia Donaldson. This wonderful story will help the children to identify when there is a problem in a story and how it can be solved. Our linked activities will hopefully help the children to engage in learning about the characters and the setting the story is in. Will the thieves steal the fine prize cow? Or will the animals come up with a plan to fool them? 


We will continue with helping the children to sort objects and count them starting fromthe number 1. We are also going to be looking at ABAB pattern forms and learning language to help us describe patterns. We are also going to use language to help us locate something or someone. To help the children with this we will hopefully make some maps and use the new vocabulary to describe where things are on the maps! Along with these we are also going to continue with using 2D and 3D shapes to make and build in our child led play!

1-5 pebbles(4)

Topic - Bugs, Summer and Farm Animals

The story for this term supports our topic brilliantly! We are going to be learning about Insects/Bugs and Farm animals. We are looking forward to when our caterpillars arrive so that we can look after them and watch their transformation into butterflies. We will also continue to look after our seedling pumpkins and hopefully see some of our sunflower seeds begin to emerge as small plants too! Our intention is to enrich the children's understanding of the world and also learn how to look after the wonderful nature God has gifted us on our planet.

RE - Special Celebrations and Our Own Study

We will learn about why we have special celebrations in church and especially talk about The Wedding at Cana from the bible. The children will talk about the Wedding Feast at Cana. We will talk about special clothes we might have and celebrations that we remember. We might even have a celebration of our own! Our own study will develop from the ideas the children will develop this term.

wedding at cana

Week beginning June 6th - Week 1

We have had a fantastic start to the term. The children have celebrated a birthday, worn the colour red for Pentecost, had balloon races in the hall (using the air around us to move the balloons), heard about 'Brave Joshua' in our worship and started to learn about What the Ladybird Heard! The weather has been fantastic and hopefully will continue to be good over the next few weeks. Please make sure that you send your child to Nursery with appropriate clothing for the weather. A sun hat helps so much when the sun is shining and please remember suncream before you come to Nursery as we are not able to apply suncream in the setting. Thank you for your support.

Week beginning 13th June - Week 2

What a wonderful week we have had. The weather has been beautiful and the children have coped with the heat fabulously! We have talked about the characters in What the Ladybird Heard. The children correctly identified most of the characters as being farm animals and the two naughty men as 'villains!' Amazing vocabulary! The children got stuck in and made a ladybird for our wall, using collage, paint and bits of old junk cardboard. For RE we heard to story of The Wedding at Cana (where Jesus turned water into wine). We had lots of interesting stories and mums and dads who like to drink wine! The children thought about what they would need or like to have in a celebration and we have celebrated another birthday in Nursery! We have received our caterpillars for us to watch and take care of. Hopefully they will pupate and become beautiful butterflies. The children made some finger paintings for Father's Day and had fun with water on Friday to keep us all from melting in the heat! 

Week beginning 20th June - Week 3

Another busy week in Nursery. We've been getting ready for next week's Sports Day, and enjoying being outside with the beautiful summer weather. The children have been practicing their scissor skills, learning about the Life Cycle of a Ladybird, talking about wedding celebrations (and planning our own Celebration) and pretending to be horses in Music!

Week beginning 27th June - Week 4

The children have been fantastic working towards our sports day this week and were amazing on the day. Well done everyone for taking part and thank you to all the parents for supporting your children as always! 

We also had the opportunity to make some of our own ladybirds or imaginary bugs, we discussed the story of What the Ladybird Heard and who was the hero in the book. We heard lots of fantastic ideas from the animals, to the policemen but one child said the ladybird was the hero because, 'they made the plan.' Well done!

Week beginning 4th July - Week 5

Our children have had a fantastic week. We have released our transformed butterflies and used it as a time to talk about the butterfly Life Cycle. Not all our caterpillars made it to butterflies but one of the children said that they would be ok because God will look after them! The children were absolutely in awe of the transformed chrysalides and there were lots of 'oohs' and 'aahs' heard when they finally flew away. We were lucky enough to have a visit from an ex-pupil on Wednesday who shared his violin with the children and played some Nursery rhymes for them. The visit seemed to inspire some of the children and we all enjoyed joining in with some of the rhymes! We visited Reception to watch the children retell the story of The Three Little Pigs and on Friday we also had to say goodbye to one of our children who is returning to their home country this summer. Next week is our last full week in Nursery and we hope to enjoy the great weather to come! 

Week beginning 11th July - Week 6

This was our final full week in Nursery before the summer holidays and we have had lots of fun, even when the temperatures have been getting quite hot! The children used some 2D and 3D shapes to make 'houses' for the small world animals. We've been trying to keep cool playing in the water. The children have used clay and other 'bits and bobs' to make their own bugs and we've all been over to the Reception class for the Transition visits this week. On Friday Miss France brought her hamster 'Casper' to visit. The children were amazed at Casper and asked lots of questions about what he eats and how Miss France looks after him. They were very quiet too because they did not want to scare him!

Well done everyone! 

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