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Summer Term 1 - April/May 2022

Welcome back to our Nursery classroom everybody! We are looking forward to welcoming you all back and having lots of exciting times during this first half of our Summer Term.

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Talk 4 Writing - The Enormous Turnip (Traditional tale)

The Enormous Turnip is a popular tale of old. This term we will be learning about the story and helping the children remember it by engaging in  tasks that are linked to this wonderful tale. We will talk about real turnips and we might even be able to taste some during this half term.


Alongside our Talk 4 Writing activities the children will take part in Maths activities. We will consider the size of objects and talk about weight, length and capacity in our everyday activities. For example sorting objects smallest to largest or heaviest to lightest. We hope to consider some of our maths activities in our outside play too!

Comparisons of measurements etc
Growing Topic

Topic - Growing

With the Summer quickly approaching it is ideal to have activities connected to the Topic of growing. We hope to try planting our own flowers and vegetables and learn how to look after them. We will also look at how each of us has grown from when we were babies right up to now! Hopefully seeing the chicks arrive in Reception will also help our children to understand the idea of growth.

RE - Easter and Pentecost

For the first half of the term we will be learning all about the joy that Easter brings. The children will learn about the story of Easter and how we use Alleluia in celebration of Jesus' risen life. We will engage in activities that support this learning and for the latter half of the term we will be learning about the Holy Spirit and Pentecost. We hope that the children will have fun engaging with the activities and start to understand the importance of these seasons for us. 

Easter image
Pentecost 1

Week beginning Wednesday 27th April - Welcome back!

We had a short week, as we returned on Wednesday, but have had some great fun settling back into our Nursery classroom. All the children are adapting fantastically and are settling in well after a fairly long Easter holiday. We look forward to continuing with our learning and hopefully enjoying the finer weather now that the Summer is coming. Below are some photographs from the first few days back!

Week beginning Tuesday 3rd May - Week 2

This week has then been a short week because of the Bank Holiday. We hope you had a good break. We have had a busy week, however, and having been blessed with fantastic weather a fabulous outdoor day on Friday. The children have been adding to our Easter artwork (over our prayer table), enjoying Music with Mrs Toole, meeting a tortoise, replanting some bluebells, looking for bugs and working together to clear weeds and sow some flower seeds around the statue of Our Lady, in the Nursery Prayer Garden. We look forward to continuing our exploring next week!

Week beginning 9th May - Week 3

It is amazing how quickly the time is flying by. We have finished week three already! The children started the week by showing us how they can use their fingers to show us numbers 1 to 10. They all did amazingly well. We've also been remembering Easter and why it is a time to celebrate. This has helped us to discuss our values for this term: Grateful and Generous. The children have talked about how Generous God is, when they heard the Creation story, and said Thank you prayers to show how they were Grateful to God. During our Music lesson we had to move and 'cluck' like chickens and then move gently to some Music. We all loved this! 

As the weather is becoming drier and warmer we have been spending more time outside and the children have enjoyed finding out how far water will travel when squirted through a syringe and have also been 'painting' our walls with muddy water. All great activities to improve their upper body strength and develop their motor skills. It has also been a great opportunity for the children to observe the changes that are taking place around us. We have had lots of insects showing up and causing much excitement!

To end our week we had a Stay and Play (many thanks to the parents who could make it) and a birthday to celebrate! We hope you had a fantastic weekend and below are some photographs of the week.

Week beginning 16th May - Week 4

We are coming towards the end of the first half of our Summer Term. The children have settled into the newly decorated nursery brilliantly and we are finally able to enjoy warmer weather...

See below for some examples of what we've been up to...  

Week beginning 23rd May - Week 5

This has been a wonderful week! The children have talked about more than and less than for maths. They have also retold the story of The Enormous Turnip (with some prompts), planted pumpkin seeds, talked about what makes a 'good' leader and had a celebration for our Queen's Platinum Jubilee. Have a wonderful half term and we look forward to seeing you on Tuesday 7th June.

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