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Spring Term 1 - January 2022

Happy New Year everyone! Welcome back to a new term and the start of 2022. Please see below for information about what your child/children will be getting up to this half term.

Talk 4 Writing - Little Red Riding Hood (classic fairytale)

Our Talk 4 Writing book this term is the fantastic classic Little Red Riding Hood. We are looking forward to learning all about the adventures of Red Riding Hood, her Grandma and the Big Bad Wolf. Will we meet anyone else in the story? What lessons will the children learn from this wonderful story? What does Red Riding Hood have in her basket? Where is she going? We hope to enrich the children's understanding of the story with lots of fun activities so that they will love it and want to tell you all about it at home!


We will continue with counting numbers 1 - 5+ and the recognition of the corresponding numerals. We will also help the children to develop language that we use when comparing quantites, such as 'more than', 'less than' and fewer than. We also plan to introduce positional language and talk about maps with the children this term. 

Little Red Riding Hood Story map - story telling, writing and speaking and  listening development. | Teaching Resources

Melting Ice | PNCWhy Salt Melts Ice | Easy Science for Kids - Science Kiddo

Topic - Winter/Ready, Willing and Able

This term we will be looking at Winter and all the changes that happen during the season. We will talk about how we can be ready and prepared for the weather. Hopefully the children will be able to experience what happens when water freezes and when ice melts. We also hope to investigate how other materials change if they are heated or cooled!


This term is going to be busy for Nursery! We will start by talking about Mary the mother of Jesus. The children can think about how special their own mothers are. We will also spend some time learning more about different Faiths in our school. For the latter half of this term we will be talking about and engaging the children in activities about Baptism and being part of God's Family. Hopefully we will have lots of fun along the way!


Along with the areas above we will continue to assist the children to make progress in all areas of the EYFS Curriculum, using adult led and child led activities.

Week beginning Monday 3rd January - Week 1

The children returned on Thursday 6th January and were absolutely amazing! Unfortunately we cannot be in our Nursery classroom until the floor is repaired. However we are using the Music room until the work is done and the children coped with the change brilliantly. We used the Thursday and Friday to settle into our new surroundings and remind ourselves of our Nursery routine. The children were also introduced to the story of Little Red Riding Hood and were able to enjoy using the new grass that has been installed in our playground.

Week beginning 10th January - Week 2

Our second week of term and what a fantastic week! All the children are settling into the new routine very well. They are all superstars and have shown fantastic resilience despite being in a different room and having to learn a different routine. The children have built towers and counted the number of blocks they used. We have talked about Mary the mother of Jesus and how she loved him. The children showed everyone how their mummies carried them as babies and told everyone about other people who love them and care for them too! Mrs Toole visited us for Music and the children enjoyed collecting food (tennis balls) for Little Red Riding Hood's basket in PE. The children enjoyed phonics and loved going for a walk on the field where we discovered our 'really long' and 'big, big' shadows on the grass! 

Week beginning 17th January - Week 3

We have had a busy week once again. The children have continued learning the Little Red Riding Hood story and made a collage of the Big Bad Wolf. On Monday we watched a short film about wolves and saw what real wolves look like along with hearing some facts. We've had some fantastic counting and matching amounts to numerals for Maths and some of the children have loved drawing Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf! The children practiced their Farm animal sounds and singing Old Macdonald in Music and we also learned about Our World of Faiths in St Annes when we had a special visitor on Thursday! We are looking forward to another week of activities next week! 

Week beginning Monday 24th January - Week 4

The children have had a great week yet again. It is wonderful to see them making friends and taking part in activities using their developing skills of interaction and co-operation. We talked about small, medium (middle-sized) and large for Maths. The children made Grandma's cottage and made fantastic marks and drawings (in class and in the playground). For our RE group we learned about Baptism and some of what is used when babies are baptised. My favourite part of the week was bringing ice to class for the children to experience and describe. It was amazing what some of the children already knew! Our challenge was stopping some of the children eating it!

Week beginning Monday 31st January - Week 5

It was the start of the Chinese New Year celebrations on 1st February so this week the children have been taking part in activities to help them learn about Chinese New Year. They were very attentive and enjoyed the story of the 12 animals racing across the river to have a year named after them and we all found out which animal was in the year we were born. Mrs Orife found out she was born in the year of the Dragon and Miss France was born in the year of the Monkey! The children had the chance to make a paper lantern and a paper Dragon and were brilliant using the scissors and glue sticks needed to finish their tasks! We talked about being part of God's family in RE and how we are like a family in Nursery. Some of the children even suggested how we can take care of one another. We also had fun balancing for PE and at the end of the week we all tried some Spring Rolls and Prawn Crackers. All the children tried the food but the crackers were definitely the most popular choice! 

Week beginning Monday 7th February - Week 6

Just two weeks left of our Spring 1 term! The children have been amazing this week yet again. We used positional language and almost all the children were able to follow our instructions. Our Red Welsh Dragon was on top of the dolls' house, in front of the chair and inbetween boxes. The children were also great at putting a wheel in different places in response to our instructions. Well done everyone! The children have been building with the large blocks outside and investigating different ways of travelling across the tyres using planks. We have also talked about looking after our teeth and what a dentist does and most of the children chewed a disclosing tablet to see how clean their teeth were...Mrs Orife joined in too! On Friday the children heard the story of Jesus helping the fishermen with their empty nets and they responded by making some beautiful collage art works!

Week beginning Monday 14th February - Week 7

We started our final week with Valentine's Day. We thought about people who love us and care for us. The children made cards for people who love and care for them. We also made a card for Father Patrick who is currently unwell and taking a break from Parish duties. Because it was Children's Mental Health week we talked about what makes us happy, sad, angry or scared etc. We made faces to show each other different feelings/emotions. 

Towards the end of the week we looked at shapes and properties of shapes. Most children knew that a triangle has 3 sides! Using puppets and dolls as props the children retold the story of Little Red Riding Hood for Mrs.Orife and had great fun making their voices sound like the big bad wolf. 

When we were outside the children enjoyed making their own pirate ship, walking the plank and building towers for the wind to blow over.

We hope you all have a fantastic half term break and we look forward to seeing you all on Monday 28th February.

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