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Autumn Term 2 - November to December 2021

Welcome back everyone! We hope you had a restful half term break and are ready for the term where lots of exciting things will take place.


Talk 4 Writing - 'Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?' by Bill Martin Jr and Eric Carle

For this term we will be learning all about this beautiful story. The children will learn lots about what the bear sees in the story and will learn to ask the question 'What do you see?' in some of their linked activities. 


We will continue with counting and recognising numbers 1 to 5 and beyond. Alongside counting we are going to look at patterns, both in nature and in our made environment. The children will explore making their own patterns using found materials and also using our Interactive Whiteboard.

1-5 pebbles(1)patternsinnature(3)

Topic - Bears and Autumn

As the seasons change we will be looking at Autumn and asking the children to tell us about the differences they see happening around them. We will talk about the weather and also talk about why these changes happen. Bears are also part of our topic and we will talk about real bears and also Teddy Bears, discussing the differences between them. Hopefully we will have a Teddy Bears' picnic where the children will be able to bring a Teddy Bear to nursery to join in! 

RE - God Our Father Cares for Us and Advent (Getting Ready).

This term will be a very exciting term for us. We will start by talking about how important God's Family and our families are and how we are part of God's Family. We will also be entering into the season of Advent, where we prepare for the birth of our saviour Jesus at Christmas. We hope to be able to perform in the EYFS and KS1 Nativity play and have lots of fun singing and praising along the way! 


Week Beginning 1st November - Week 1

It was fantastic to see everyone returning after the half term holiday. We had a great week doing a bear obstacle course in the hall for PE, counting out bears to practice our counting, making pictures and junk models of rockets, meeting our new Music teacher and her parrot and being very quiet and thoughtful in Reception for our EYFS and KS1 assembly. The children have settled in very quickly and sat very quietly and respectfully in the Reception class with all the other children. They were also fantastic when we took them to the field to collect Autumn leaves to make pictures with next week. We are looking forward to exploring the changes in the weather and our environment over the next few weeks.

Please see below some photographs from our week.   

Week Beginning 8th November - Week 2

The children have had a fantastic week and time is flying by! On Monday the school had a day to learn about the COP26 summit. For our nursery children we helped to keep our outside environment clean by clearing away the leaves from our playground. This become lots of fun because we have so many leaves! For our Talk 4 Writing we talked about the key words in the story and put them on our display. We continued with counting and recognising digits 1-5+. We were really impressed when one of the children counted to 18! The children used the leaves they collected last week to make pictures for our Autumn topic and we talked about Remembrance day, making and painting poppies on 11th November (Thursday). Towards the end of our very busy week we also celebrated a birthday by singing Happy Birthday and eating some yummy chocolate cake!

Please see photos below from our week:  

Week Beginning 15th November - Week 3

The children have been amazing this week! Miss France has been ill so we have had different staff members coming to assist in class and we have visited Reception class a few times to join them in celebrating World Faiths Week and to explore their classroom and playground. The children have reacted very positively and coped very well with the changes to their routine. We look forward to Miss France's return and wish her a speedy recovery. 

We have continued with our Talk 4 Writing (Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See?) story, practiced our cutting skills and searched for dinosaurs in the leaves outside. 

Below are some photos of the week:


Week beginning 22nd November - Week 4

We've had another busy week. Again the nursery children have been amazing and dealt with the changes in their routine really well. 

We've also started practicing for our Nativity that we are all looking forward too! More about that next week.

Week beginning 29th November to 9th December - Week 5 and 6

We have had a disrupted few weeks in Nursery. Firstly Miss France was ill and then Mrs Orife became ill but the children have been fantastic in all the ups and downs and we are looking forward to a well-earned Christmas break. The children really have been amazing and deserve lots of praise for their fabulous behaviour throughout. 

Here are some photographs of the children engaged in activities through the last 2 weeks.


Week beginning 13th December - Week 7

This was our final week of term. Everyone was very excited and getting ready to perform the Nativity play for all their mums, dads, grandmas, granddads and anyone else who was going to come and watch. The Nursery children have been amazing in all the practicing and preparing and getting ready for Christmas and the birth of our Lord Jesus! 

We also had lots of fun with arts and crafts this week making christmas decorations and singing Christmas songs. We also had a wonderful Christmas lunch where Mrs Cosgrove joined us and we pulled Christmas crackers that were kindly donated by the PSA. 

We hope you all have a restful Christmas and New Year and we look forward to seeing you all in 2022! God bless you all!

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