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Autumn Term 1 - September 2021

Welcome to all our new and returning children. We are looking forward to an active and busy year with lots of fun activities to support your Early Years journey.

Talk 4 Writing - Owl Babies by Martin Waddell

For the first half term of our academic year we will be reading and learning the wonderful story 'Owl Babies'. We hope to learn more about owls and how they live through indoor and outdoor activities.

We hope to learn more about other night animals too!

Topic - Skills and Tools / Autumn

While the children are settling into their new routine we will be encouraging the children to learn new skills and helping them to use the new tools that they will have access to while at nursery. Through the use of scissors, paints, pencils, chalk, collage, clay and junk modelling (plus many others) we hope the children will start to become confident and creative. Using these materials should also help to develop their fine motor skills in readiness for early writing/mark making. 

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For maths we will be concentrating on counting 1 to 5+ and looking at colour. The children will have activities to support their growing understanding of these areas and hopefully have some fun while doing so. The first half term will also be used for staff to complete base line assessments in order to assist the children in their next steps. 

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RE - Creation and God loves us

"The Creation Story" and "How God Loves Us" will form our Religious Education, and the children will engage in group time, prayer and quiet time, to reflect on these topics, during this half term. They will aslo engage in saying or singing their daily prayers.

Our first 2 weeks!

The children (new and returners) are settling in beautifully. We have been learning all about our new routine and all the children have been enjoying singing and saying their prayers and joining in with story time. We have also been exploring outside in the Nursery play area and using the climbing frame on the field. One of our highlights has been picking apples off the trees on the school field!

Week beginning Monday 20th September 2021 - Week 3

What a busy week! The weather has been wonderful and the children have spent a lot of time outside enjoying the sunshine. The children have listened to and talked about 'Owl Babies' in group time, they have enjoyed singing and dancing our Creation song for RE and thanked God for all he has made for us. For PE we became squirrels, scampering and collecting our nuts for the winter (tennis balls in the hall) and the children had fun spraying different coloured paints onto paper and the ground in our nursery playground. We had many sleepy faces by the end of the week and look forward to more exploring next week.  

Week Beginning Monday 27th September 2021 - Week 4

Another fun week in nursery! We've found out more about the 'Owl Babies' and collected sticks and twigs and other natural materials to make our nests. We've also enjoyed PE where the children had to move like different kinds of woodland animals. The children talked about Harvest time and how wonderful it is that God gives us all the different kinds of foods that we grow. We also talked about how we can help people by making a collection of food (for people who might not have enough money to buy food). The children said that God would be happy if we help others! 

Week beginning Monday 4th October 2021 - Week 5

We have had a wonderful week in Nursery! We have thanked God for two children's birthdays and celebrated with cake and blowing out candles. The highlight of our week has been the 'Feathers and Fur' visit on Thursday morning. The children sat so quietly and answered lots of questions and most put on a protective glove to hold Pip the 'Little Owl.' I hope you enjoy the photographs!

A huge thank you to Sadie from Feathers and Fur falconry centre...they can be found on feathersandfur.co.uk 

Week beginning Monday 11th October 2021 - Week 6

We cannot believe that it is almost half term and the children have been fantastic this week. They have sequenced and retold the 'Owl Babies' story, made lots of thundery noises in Music (while singing 'I Hear Thunder'), discussed all the different kinds of people who care for us and help us and concentrated really hard in PE when rolling a ball across a bench. Please see below for pictures of your children!

Week beginning Monday 18th October 2021 - Week 7

We have had a wonderful week where the children have acted out the 'Owl Babies' using puppets, sorted triangles, squares, circles and rectangles into piles and talked about how we are part of Jesus's family! The children had some party food and celebrated their first half term in Nursery on Thursday and had fun guessing the instrument in Music!

Thanks to all the families of the children for supporting them throughout the term and we look forward to seeing you on Monday 1st November for more fun at Nursery! Following are some of our favourite photos from this term.

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