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One World Council 2022-2023

The One World Council's Intent - 

We aim to live out our Faith through the promotion of Catholic Valuesand Stewardship of our world (God's Creation). We have a role in school life to be passionate about living out Jesus' command to, "Love one another" and want to take an active role in protecting God's creation through, for example, litter-picking and looking after our school environment.

We will help to build our school community rooted in Faith.

We will take responsibility for our environment and the land around us.


The Implementation of The One World Council - 

To form the One World Council each class (Reception to Year 6) voted for two representatives. The council will meet Mrs Orife on at least a termly basis to talk about and decide the activities to be organised. These may involve litter-picking, developing a prayer garden and possibly fundraising. 


The Impact of The One World Council - 

The One World Council asked children from their classes to create posters that raise awareness of looking after our environment. The council representatives then chose some of the posters and have displayed them in most of the classrooms and in busy areas of the school so that lots of people can see them.

The council will have a meeting (Spring Term 2) to arrange a rota of litter-pickers to help keep our school environment tidy and litter-free. The litter collected will be recycled where possible.

Developing a Prayer area in our Prayer Garden - to be developed during Spring / Summer term 2023

As part of our resposibilty for looking after God's creations we are going to develop an area in the large Prayer Garden (by the side of the Reception classroom). The One World Council Leaders have asked their classes to come up with ideas for the Prayer Garden. The ideas will be collected by the Leaders and the children will decide on a suitable design for a small mural and prayer area to be developed (with teacher guidance) during the upcoming Spring and Summer Terms. 

*Some images to show the garden currently and the sheet children have been given to collect ideas*

Meeting with One World Council - Spring Term 1, 2023

We all met up during lunchtime and briefly discussed what we could do as good 'caretakers/stewards' of God's Creation. The children decided that it would be a good idea to make some posters to put up around the school to raise awareness of recycling and not throwing litter. They decided that they would follow this up with regular 'Litter-picking' activity around school. The children went back to their classes and asked for volunteers to litter-pick. The children agreed to meet with Mrs Orife later in the Spring term to organise some training on how to collect the litter and set up a rota for the children who will be involved. We are looking forward to starting the activity! 

Summer Term 1 - Our Litter picking starts and Developing our Prayer Garden with Catholic Life Club.

Year 5 Litter picking_april23a

Pupils from Year 5 started off our Litter Picking rota when we returned from our Easter Holidays. Lots of people wanted to join in and hopefully the litter-picking will help the children of St Anne's to think about keeping our environment tidy and therefore reminding them of their roles as Stewards of God's Creation. 

Catholic Life Club - starting to paint the Prayer Garden area

Each Friday some children gather for Catholic Life Club. Our project for this term is to develop a Prayer Garden. Below are some images of the children getting started. Our hope is to complete this project and then think of a fund raising project for our friends in Olmoran (Kenya).

Children working on the Prayer Garden - flowers and sky (Summer 2)

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