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Our One World Council is comprised of 2 student representatives from each class (from Year 1 upwards). The reps are the spokespeople of the pupils to the school leadership.  We prioritise celebrating and communicating our faith as well as preserving and improving the environment.

Taken from Newsletter Oct 22, 2020


We aim to live out our faith through promotion of our Catholic ethos and stewardship of our God-given world.  We have a significant role in school life and are passionate about living out Jesus’s command to ‘love one another’, are interested in prayer and want to take an active role in protecting God’s creation for example through recycling challenges and gardening.

We see our purpose as

  • Helping to build a happy community rooted in faith.
  • Helping to support those who are less fortunate than we are.
  • Taking responsibility for our local environment: for what we do to the land and the creatures.
  • Taking responsibility for building a more beautiful world for all to enjoy. 



We meet at least once every half term with the Headteacher - Mrs Bernto.  Before we see her, we collect ideas from our classmates about things that are going well in school and things we would like to change.  We try to come up with solutions!

At the meeting, we present to Mrs B our thoughts and suggestions and the Council votes on which should be our priority for the term.



Last year, the One World Council

- designed and wrote anti-bullying leaflets for adults and children.  All parents and carers and all pupils got a copy.

- were available on the playground to support children who didn't have anyone to play with

- led a bottle top collection which was used to make a piece of art

- led a whole school Environment Day

- led the Harvest Food Collection for Readifood

- ran a pupil Lenten prayer group 


In Autumn 1 and 2, we reissued our Anti-Bullying leaflets and led on our Christmas Stocking collection for First Days.  We made a video, posters and leaflets to encourage donations from the community and were thrilled to donate from St Anne's over 70 stockings stuffed to the brim with wonderful presents for vulnerable children across the Reading area.  


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