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It is our mission to announce the joy of the Gospel by making Christ known today.


INTENT/What we aim to do through our RE Curriculum

As a Catholic School, Religious Education lies at the heart of our curriculum.

Religious education in Catholic schools aims to promote:

  • knowledge and understanding of the Catholic faith and life in Christ;
  • knowledge and understanding of the response of faith to questions about human life, its origin and purpose;
  • the skills required to engage in examination of and reflection upon religious belief and practice, including awareness of and respect for the beliefs and practices of other faith groups and religious communities.



Our RE Curriculum is defined by the Archdiocese of Birmingham and is entitled 'Learning and Growing as People of God'.

Adaptations are made to the curriculum so that it is accessible to all and so that no child is disadvantaged by Special Educational Needs or Disaibility.


IMPACT/Children's Learning

Please click on the images below to see some of the amazing work we have done in RE.


Interest Zone

Catholic Children's Society This society supports disadvantaged children across the South East and works with families of all faiths and none; their sole aim is to help those in greatest need.  At this time, the Catholic Children's Society is supporting families affected by Covid with food and basic supplies. 

Their website also has great links on mental wellbeing with links to videos on Christian meditation.




Activities of Pope Francis Find out what Pope Francis has been up to lately on the Vatican News website https://www.vaticannews.va/en/pope.html


Feast of the Presentation of the Lord (Candlemas) Tuesday 2 February: On this day (which falls 40 days after Christmas day and marks the ends of the Christmas Season in the Orthodox Church), we remember Simeon’s joy at seeing the Messiah before him and his proclamation that Jesus is ‘the light for all nations’. It’s on this day that the Church blesses all the candles and we can mark this by placing a new candle on our altars in class or at home.


Webinar - An invitation to Hope: Prayer and Lament Tuesday 9 February 10:00-11:30 am. Fr. Timothy Radcliffe OP will be reflecting on hope and lament in company and in prayer https://www.godwhospeaks.uk/the-god-who-speaks/word-at-home/an-invitation-to-hope-mission-through-prayer-and-lament/

Mass for Vocations: Thursday 11 February at 9:30am Mass for Vocations will be celebrated by His Grace, Archbishop Bernard via livestream from St. Chad’s Cathedral. Please see the attached flier for details. https://www.birminghamdiocese.org.uk/Event/vocations-mass-from-st-chads


Annual Mass for the Guild of St. Stephen Saturday 6 March: This special livestream Mass for Altar Servers is being celebrated by Bishop William at St. Chad’s Cathedral and they will be renewing their promises. The Vocations Team are asking all Altar Servers to send a photo of themselves with their Guild Medal so that they can create a photo montage for the Mass . All Altar Servers, please do send in your photo to office@vocations.org.uk https://www.birminghamdiocese.org.uk/Event/annual-guild-of-st-stephen-mass-2021


Diocese of Leeds Singing Programme: (Primary) The Diocese of Leeds are once again sharing their singing programme sessions via YouTube. This week they are exploring singing psalms and part of the Gloria. Previous sessions are still available. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtNm5LriOA7nlXvnKuX_-PA  


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