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Welcome to Year 1! – Wormley Primary


PE days

Our PE days are Wednesday and Thursday. Please send your children to school in their PE kit on those days.


We would like all children to read every evening. Reading books will be changed on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, but please send the yellow Reading Record and reading book in to school every day.

Spellings and Maths 'Learn its' will be sent home on a Friday, for the children to practice, and tested the following friday.


From Year 1, we use cursive handwriting (please see the example below). Whenever possible, please practice this style of writing with your children.

Knowledge Organisers

Knowledge Organisers show the children the facts and skills they will learn in a subject. They show vocabulary used and explain definitions. Please read these through with your children, it will help them during lessons.

PE Knowledge organisers are located on the PE page within the Curriculum tab

Autumn 2

Week beginning 28/11/22

We have carried on practicing our Nativity songs with the whole of KS1 and EYFS, what beaitiful angel voices they have!

During Gospel Assembly, Mrs McVeigh lit our first purple candle on the Advent wreath. Also, our One World Council members received their certificates and Cross pin. Well done Alex and Aafiyah!

In RE we have begun our Advent unit. We lit our first purple candle on the class Advent wreath and the children made their own Advent wreaths for their books.


Week beginning 21/11/22

This week we have continued our Maths unit of Geometry, the children have been describing the properties of 2D and 3D shapes.

We have begun our practice of the Nativity songs, all of the songs are here on the class page.

The children were amazing at creating algorithms in ICT. We are using Scratchjr to learn how to program.

We finished the week with a lovely visit to church for Mass. The children were brilliant and Fr Joe was very pleased to see all of KS1.

Week beginning 14/11/22

In Music this week the children have been practicing our class song, Music is in Me. They have even added in percussion in time with the beat. 

We made beautiful prayer stones this week in RE. They will help us when we pray.

During Anti-Bullying/Children in Need day, Year 1 created friendship buckets and gave each other little 'Thank you' cards to pop in them. We also made a friendship tree with all the kind things we are going to do. Our friendship quilt shows everything we do every day to be kind and helpful.


Week beginning 7/11/22

This week we have moved on to Geometry in Maths. The children have been learning about faces, vertices and edges of 3D shapes.

In Literacy, we have carried on our work based on Meerkat Mail by Emily Gravett. We have described Sunny the Meerkat, identified features of a postcard and written a bullet point list of what Sunny should pack in his suitcase.

In DT we have designed our sewn Christmas tree decorations, next week we will be learning how to join two pieces of material together with stiches.

In RE we have begun our Prayer unit, writing beautiful prayers praising God. During class prayer, we took time to pray for all those who need extra help and support from God at this time. On Friday 11th November, Remembrance Day, the whole school joined together to remember those who have died during conflict, both at home and over seas. This was also the focus of our Class worship.

Autumn 2 Week beginning 31/10/22

We have begun our Autumn 2 term with a beautiful visit to church for the Solemnity of All Saints. The children were amazing! They sang beautifully, listened carefully and joined in with Father Tony's Homily when asked, we were very proud of them.

In RE we have been thinking about why we go to church, the children said they love to look at the paintings, statues of Mary, learning about God and Jesus and thanking God for everything. They have written thoughtful prayers to thank God for what is important to them.

Week beginning 17/10/22

In Maths this week we have continued our work on part/whole models and number bonds to 10/20.

We have been learning about Hinduism in Multi-Faith week and have discovered how beautiful Hindu places of worship are.

We finished editing our Zog stories, we are all so proud of our work!

In Science, we predicted what would happen when we heated different materials such as butter, ice, chocolate and ice cream.

The children have worked really hard this term and have settled in well to life in Year 1. Have a lovely, relaxing half term break!

Week beginning 10/10/22

Year 1 are amazing authors this week, the class's Zog stories are nearly finished! We have Zog learning to swim with disarsterous consequences, he learned to cook but burnt the dinner and Zog also learned to do magic but cast the wrong spell! I have been really impressed with the children's imaginations.


Week beginning 3/10/22

This week has rushed by! We have moved on to part and whole models in maths to begin addition. Our RE unit on Celebrations and families has started with us looking at celebrations we enjoy and the people we share them with. The class have investigated which material would be best to keep the rain out of the Three Little Pig's houses - they really are little scientists! Friday afternoon saw castles being built, following previous designs. They are very grand, with turrets, arrow slits for windows and even drawbridges!

Week beginning 26/9/22

Wonderful Psalms were written by Year 1 this week. We have been thanking God for all of creation. 

Maths saw the children using greater than, less than and equals to symbols to explain the size of numbers. The class have really impressed me this week with the improvement of their Learn its knowledge, well done for all the hard work Year 1!

We had very regal kings and queens during our History lesson. The children acted out the Queen's Coronation, complete with ladies and men in waiting, crowds, guards and even the Arch Bishop of Canterbury!

In science we have continued our Materials theme with an experiment to find out which towel would be best to mop up water. The children were brilliant at listening to each other and designing an experiment to test the products.

We have had a brilliant day at Windsor Castle today. The children learned all about the role of a monarch, acted out a very grand Coronation and walked around the castle - the children were very impressed with the armour, cannons and fantastic painted ceilings. We also walked through St Georges Chapel and saw the final resting place of Queen Elizabeth 2. Having talked about it so much with the children, it was lovely for them to be able to see where the Queen is laid to rest.


Week beginning 20/9/22

Year 1 have continued their work based on Zog by Julia Donaldson. We have been writing sentences explaining which parts of the story are our favourite, using the word 'because'. Below you will see a clip of the class reciting the poem 'One, two, three, blow' by Julia Donaldson, the children even wrote their own verses and acted them out.

In maths we have been counting one more and one less and in RE we have listened to the Creation song and tried to remember all the amazing things God created.


Week beginning 12/9/22

This week we have begun our Literacy work based on the Julia Donaldson book Zog. The children have been writing questions to Zog and learning what he was doing at school. We tried to fly in the playground by flapping our wings, gliding, swooping and jumping high.

In Maths, our work has included acurately counting objects, writing our numbers and counting backwards and forwards to 20.

In History, we have been learning all about Queen Elizabeth 2, who has recently passed away.

We went outside in RE to find all the things God created and wrote prayers to thank God for all of creation.


Our first week

It has been lovely getting to know the class. They have worked really hard and are already showing me how fab they are!

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