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Hear, O England, I am here to announce the birth of a very special baby who will help us through life! Born to Mary and Joseph (who will guide him, rejoice with him, suffer with him and live with him), he is our Saviour!

As a child, he will live a life like any of us, in Bethlehem, with Mary and Joseph.  In his youth, he will preach and teach others to love his heavenly Father, the Lord our God.  He will persuade children and adults to love and believe in our God.  He is the Messiah!

As an adult, he will perform miracles, cure illnesses that would kill people with no faith and bless blind people with sight.  Christ will understand the upset and will be an amazing role-model for our children.  He will be baptised with water and will baptise us with the Holy Spirit.  He is the Lord!

He will die a horrific death for our sake, on the cross, so that we may be forgiven.  People will mourn; people will weep but some will support another and let this man walk into the arms of death.

At the end of time, our sins will be forgiven, our hearts will be glad and our souls shall be blessed.  He will be sitting at the right-hand side of God up in heaven.  And we will wait in anticipation for his second coming.  This is Jesus Christ!


By Isabella H-V, Year 5

Writing inspired by great literature

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Bambinelli Blessing

It was Gaudete Sunday!  Fr Patrick blessed 170 bambinelli made by the children of St Anne's.  Every pupil will take home their little Jesus and have him with them for Christmas. 

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