St Anne’s Parent and Staff Association

St Anne’s Catholic Primary School PSA Mission Statement

Published May 2014

 St Anne’s PSA (Parent & Staff Association) aims to support the school in providing a happy and enhanced experience for every child throughout their time at school.  We value the contributions of all members of the school community and celebrate the successes of the school and its pupils. We aspire to enhance the school community for the children and their family. We support the school’s ethos of living, loving and learning as children of God.

The PSA is a registered charity.  Our aims are:

  • To raise money to fund items/activities to enhance the school lives of the pupils
  • To work as a team and share the workload in fund raising events
  • To support and promote the values/ethos of the school
  • To provide a wide variety of experiences
  • To promote the school in a positive way to the wider local community
  • To ensure everyone’s contribution is valued

Who are we? The PSA is open to all parents and staff at St Anne’s Catholic Primary School.  We aim to work together for the good of the school and as such we draw parents and school together in a common goal.  The majority of our work focuses on fundraising, with the emphasis on fun and social gatherings – this includes our Family Bingo evening, Summer Fair and school discos.  This enables the children and parents to feel part of the school community while making a positive contribution to the life of the school.

The PSA has a core committee – a team of dedicated organisers who set all the wheels in motion for the main fundraising events.  All parents and staff at the school are members of the PSA and are welcome to come along to meetings and help out with events – whether helping to set up or simply offer an hour to help on a stall – all help is much appreciated!

What do we do?  The main focus of the PSA is to raise funds for a range of resources and activities such as:

  • Library books
  • Swimming lessons (contribution)
  • Playground equipment
  • Gardening projects
  • Resources for specific year groups and subject areas
  • Special items to support project work in school
  • School trips (contribution)

We meet one or two times a term to plan fundraising activities, discuss how to spend the monies raised and to get updates from the Head Teacher about life in the school.

While we are happy to raise concerns from parents, these are best discussed between parents and the school staff directly.  We are not able to get involved directly in school-related matters such as issues about the school building and premises, traffic/travel, after school clubs or queries about school staffing and management.  The school staff and governors are happy to be on hand to discuss matters related to their areas of expertise.

The PSA committee meets at least once a term but more frequently in the run up to a large event. Meetings are open to all parents and a representative of the Parish team, the head teacher also attends.

The committee includes:-

Chair: Jacqueline Campbell / Liz Banks
Treasurer: Caroline West
Secretary: Anne Orife