Curriculum Statement

At St Anne’s, we define the curriculum as the opportunities, experiences, knowledge and skills that we offer children on a daily basis and in every aspect of our school.  In order to promote integrated and active learning and to respond to the needs of the whole child, we aim to support children in developing communication skills and the skills needed to work and play well with others.  Among adults and children alike, we seek to promote a life-long love of learning, building resilience through making mistakes and learning from them.  We encourage everyone to work hard to achieve the best outcomes for themselves.

Through our curriculum, we connect with our school, our local and the global community providing the children with real and meaningful opportunities to have a positive impact on the world around them.  It is always our aim to prepare our children to be well-rounded, respectful and responsible people of the twenty-first century.


St Anne’s Curriculum Overview 2018-2019

Our curriculum is based on a two year rotational cycle.  Each term sees the children embrace a new theme and – from this – the context for learning is derived.

St Anne’s Curriculum Overview

Nursery and EYFS curriculum overview 2018-2019

Our RE Curriculum is rooted in the Diocesan strategy Learning and Growing as People of God.

RE overview 2018-2019

Cornerstones Curriculum

In providing for your child we are guided by the requirements of the National Curriculum and National Strategies for Literacy and Numeracy.

We give children the opportunity to achieve the highest possible standards of numeracy and literacy, whilst ensuring they can become confident in physical, artistic, practical and social skills. We provide a broad and balanced education that allows for the individual needs of each child to be met within well-planned learning experiences