Week commencing 04/11/2018:


  • With the weather changing, could all children bring a waterproof coat to school? The children will still be going outside if it is drizzling. 
  • Please could all children bring a water bottle to school? Cups will be provided if they forget them, but there are a number of children that are forgetting them regularly. 
  • PE days are now on Mondays and Thursdays. Children should have their kit in every day, just in case our day are changed. Children should now have blue /black jogging bottoms as apart of their PE kit. 


As a part of our memory box topic, we explore items that a solider would have had with him: socks, helmet, letter, ID card, rations, picture, gas and light box. The children enjoyed asking questions about these items. In English the children have been writing diary entries, this was a perfect opportunity to write a diary entry from the perspective of the solider. The children wrote some amazing diary entries, well done. 

 It was great to see some parents at the learning event. We enjoyed sharing why we wear poppies and creating poppy art for our door. 


In addition to other homework, I will be sending home Maths learnt-its, please could the children take a couple of minutes to practise them. They need to know them off by heart without working them out. In the test, children will be given 3 seconds for each question until they are excepted to move onto the next question. Learn-its will be set on Mondays and tested every Friday. 


The ‘dge’ and ‘gd’ patttern:



common exception words:



Parents evening:

Thank you to all the parents that have signed up for parents eveing. All slots are now full, if you would still like an appointment please speak to the office.

Many thanks, 

Mrs King 

Week commencing 08/09/2018:

Art trip to The Sandy Park:

Thank you to all the parents that supported the trip to the Sandy Park. We were so lucky that it didn’t rain until after the trip.  The children enjoyed the walk down to the river and loved drawing the long boats. Both children in Year 1 and 2 did some fantastic sketches of the long boats, using their knowledge of shape from math this week. It was also a great opportunity to talk about human and physical feature around The River Thames ( You can have a go at home too!).


Please find some of the pictures of the children’s sketches below here;  boats

The children especially loved playing the park afterwards:  

Spellings will be tested on Friday this week.

This week in spelling we are looking at the alternative /i/ spelling:









Common expectation words:



Spellings will be tested on Friday this week, ready for a new spelling list over half term. 

Many Blessings 

Mrs King 

Week commencing 24/09/2018:

Gentle Reminders:

  • With the weather changing so often, please can you bring raincoats to school everyday, even if it doesn’t look like it is going to rain. 
  • PE kits need to be in school every day. PE days are Tuesday and Thursday. Please can you ensure that school PE kit is worn, that is: a white top with the St. Anne’s badge, blue jogging bottoms and a blue jumper. Bright coloured PE kits will no longer be accepted. 
  • Please can you make sure that your child brings a water bottle every day.

Class Dojos:


Image result for class dojo


In year 2, this year we are using the Class Dojo system. Class Dojos is a positive behaviour management tool for the classroom. Children are rewarded for their successes, marvellous mistakes, learning behaviours and following school values; through a points system. It also allows for points to be taken away for unacceptable behaviour. In year 2, children that reach 20, 40, 60 and 80 points are rewarded by taking an item from the ‘Basket of Joy’. 

This week you were invited to be connected to your child’s Class Dojo points, where you will be able to see what your child is getting Dojo points for. In your child’s reading book you have been given a code and instructions. 

Thank you to all the parents that have already connected to Class Dojo. 


In Maths this week, we have been using manipulatives to revisit number bonds to 20. The children enjoyed using cuisenaire rods and numicon to explore number bonds. 


In science, Professor King helped us revisit our knowledge of everyday materials. The children used their knowledge to search the playground for everyday materials. 


Image result for captain flinn and the pirate dinosaurs

In Literacy, children have loved our new model text ‘Captain Flinn and the Pirate Dinosaurs’. The children have been immersing themselves in the text, comprehending and learning the text. 

Sandy Park

On October 11th, Year 1 and 2 will be visiting the sandy park as part of our ‘Land Ahoy’ Topic. The children will sketch and draw the long boats on The River Thames. Children will also have the opportunity to play in the sandy park on the play equipment. Please can you return the permission slip by 9th October. Please do come and ask if you have any questions. 


Spellings to be tested on 8th October are:












From this week, there will be no more homework grid. Instead Maths homework will be set every Monday morning until after half term, to be returned on Friday’s.  

Thank you for all your support, 


Mrs King

Week commencing 16/09/2018-21/09/2018: 

Gentle Reminders

  • With the weather changing so often, please can rain coats be bought to school everyday.
  • No nonsense spelling books need to come back to school every morning. Spelling test are every Monday. 
  • Learn its should be practised at home ready for Beat It Maths on Fridays. 
  • PE kits need to be in school every day. PE days are Tuesday and Thursdays. 
  • Blue homework folders should be returned every Friday. The homework grid continues in until 1 October. Please click the link for the homework grid: Homework grid




In Math this week, Calico Jack asked us to help him round the number of smelly socks he had, to the nearest 10. Calico Jack gave up stripy socks, black socks, white socks, grey socks and pictures socks.Children enjoyed learning that numbers less than 5 rounded down and number 5 or more rounded up. This could be a great home learning opportunity by rounding how many teddies, pieces of Lego or toy cars they have at home. 

Robert Mitchell:

On Wednesday, we had a fun morning with international high jumper Robert Mitchell. All the children took part in a fitness circuit. Children in Year 2 really enjoyed the fitness circuit and worked hard to challenge their self’s. After break time, Robert Mitchell gave a fantastic assembly about fitness and healthy eating. The children particularity enjoyed watching Robert Mitchell’s jumping demonstration. Thank you to all the children that took part in raising money and well done to everyone that took part. 


Spellings to be tested on 1st October are;












Thank you everyone for a great week! I have attached the PowerPoint from the parents meeting for anyone that couldn’t attend.  

Mrs King 

Meet the teacher 2018-19 Yr 2

Week commencing 10/09/2018 – 14/09/2018

Gentle Reminders

  • No nonsense spelling books need to come back to school every morning. Spelling test are every Monday. 
  • Learn its should be practised at home ready for Beat It Maths on Fridays. 
  • PE kits need to be in school every day. PE days are Tuesday and Thursdays. 
  • Blue homework folders should be returned every Friday.



 This week in Year 2, pirates have been taking over our classroom. Calico Jack, the pirate, has been leaving use notes asking us to help him find his treasure. The children had fun learning to use atlas’; finding the continents, oceans and seas. Maybe Calico Jack will leave us another note next week… 


The children have enjoyed learning the poem ‘The Distance’ by Eleanor Farjeon. Next week, the children will be writing their own poem based on ‘The Distance’, I can’t wait to see what the children will come up with. 


In mathematics, we have been exploring the place value of 2 digit numbers and what comes before and  after the number. Some children even got on to 3 digit numbers. Well done everyone for your perseverance in Maths this week. 


Spellings to be tested on Monday (17th) are;

Be / bee

see /sea

read / reed





Homework grid:

Thank you to everyone that handed in their homework today, well done! Remember children pick their project for the week on Mondays and return on Fridays. This a great opportunity for their to be connection from home and school, and for you to be part our topic ‘Land Ahoy’ with your child. Please don’t feel like you need to spend a long time these projects, just 10 mins a night. 


Thank you everyone for a great week! And I cannot wait to meet everyone at the parents meeting this week.  

Mrs King 


For The Curriculum Newsletter for this term, click below:

Curriculum Newsletter -year 2 2018-2019 final