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What are you reading at the moment?  Here is a list of books that we recommend you to read at home Recommended Reading List for Year 4, you may find some of these titles in the school library!
This term our topic is ‘Traders and Raiders’. If you would like to find out more about this topic and what will be learning across the curriculum, please click here to read the Curriculum Newsletter Year 4.
Week  beginning 12.03.18
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School Visit to ‘The River and Rowing Museum’

On Thursday 12th April, Years Three and Four will be visiting ‘The River and Rowing Museum’, in Henley, as part of their Literacy Topic- ‘Wind and the Willows’.

Over the course of the day, all children will take part in a carousel of descriptive activities using objects, images and costume. They will have the opportunity to adventure outside the museum onto the meadow, looking for animal habitats including those of Toad, Mole, Badger and Ratty. During the afternoon, the children will be able to explore the Wind in the Willows exhibition, looking at the history of the book in the River Gallery.

Please complete the permission slip attached to this Letter and hand into Mrs Fidler, in the office.

Week beginning 05.03.18
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Years 3/4 Tag Rugby Tournament at The Hill
A huge well done to Ziggy, Jakub, Hannah, Marwa, Ashantae, D’Rhys, David and Izaac who put on a spectacular performance at the The Hill’s Years 3/4 Tag Rugby Tournament, this week. The children demonstrated fantastic rugby skills during each game and this resulted in the team not losing any of their matches.  They worked well together, passing and catching the ball successfully to score try after try. I am incredibly proud of each and everyone of you and it was lovely to see how much fun you were all having, especially when we met a few of the London Irish players.  Thank you to all the parents who came to support and another HUGE thank you to Mr Gaylor who coached the children during the afternoon.
Miss Talbot
Week beginning 26.02.18
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 Year 4 Boys Tag Rugby Tournament at Crosfields

On Friday, a group of Year 4 boys represented St Anne’s in a Year 4 Tag Rugby Competition at Crosfields. The children had a great afternoon playing against other local schools and for some of the boys it was their first time playing competitive sport. The children learnt a lot and their tag rugby skills definitely improved over the afternoon, which was great to see considering it was so cold. A big well done to all the boys who braved the weather to represent our school and a big thank you to Mr Gaylor for coaching the children before and after this event.

Week beginning 19.02.18
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UTC – Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Week beginning 05.02.18
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Week beginning 22.01.18
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Anglo Saxon Brooches
In Art this week, Year 4 have been creating their own brooches. Firstly, they analysed Anglo-Saxon Brooches looking at their features and designs, from this it inspired them to design their own brooches in their sketch books.  Using cardboard, string and tinfoil the children created their designs.  Take a look at some of the children’s creations below.
Science Investigation
In science this term, Year 4 are learning about sound.  In our science lesson this week the children had to identify how sounds are made looking at a range of equipment such as a drum, balloon and tuning fork etc to answer the question. The children had great fun experimenting with the different pieces of equipment and thinking about what happened when it made a noise.  Take a look at the pictures below.
Week beginning 22.01.18
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 Clay Modelling
The children had great fun this week with Mrs Houghton, designing and creating their dragons. To begin the lesson they researched dragons using books and the internet to find out more about them and their features, following on they looked at images of dragons according the Viking artefacts to help their design. Once they had completed their design, it was time to create their product, using a variety of joining and sculpturing techniques.
A big well done to Charlotte, Lola and Julia who choreographed their own dance and performed it to the rest of the class. I was very impressed with the standard and the children loved it.
 Week beginning 15.01.18
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When Monty came to visit
This week, Years 3 and 4 had a little visitor, Monty, Mrs B’s dog. He came to say hello and help us with our literacy work. We learnt about his appearance, where he lives, what he eats and his daily routine. All the information we gathered will help us to write a our non-chronological report on Monty this week, preparing us to independently write our own non-chronological about a dragon, next week.
Anglo-Saxon and Viking Day
The children had a fantastic day dressing up as Anglo-Saxons and Vikings. Thank you to all the parents for creating such fantastic costumes, itt really helped the children get into role. We started the day off writing our names in Runes –  it was very tricky.  The children then had to look at a range of historical evidence to answer the question ‘Were the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings traders or raiders?’ As the day progressed they quickly understood what it was like to live in this period of history and had the opportunity to role play the Vikings landing on the shores of England and being faced with the Anglo-Saxon’s defence. After we looked at Anglo-Saxon brooches and from these the children designed their own brooches inspired by artists from the past and will make these next week. It was a superb day and a great way to start our topic. Take a look at the pictures below!
Week beginning 08.01.18
 Welcome back! I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and New Year. We are very excited to announce that on Monday 15th January, Sid the Seriously Mean and Eric the Especially Horrid will be hosting an Anglo-Saxon and Viking Day for the children in Years 3 and 4 to enhance learning about our topic – Traders and Raiders. We would like to invite the children to come to school dressed as individuals from the relevant periods. They may wish to come as warriors or as farming/peasant folk. Any weaponry however will need to be surrendered to Sid and Eric at the door to the classroom!
The day will include a host of exciting activities including building boats, role-play and also studying and practising attack and defense strategies. For the latter PE kit will be required. In the afternoon, the children will be watching ‘How to Train Your Dragon’ to inspire the children’s literacy work on inventing and describing their own dragons. As this is a PG, we would ask that you notify the class teacher in writing and in advance should you not wish your child to participate in the screening.
With thanks and all kind regards,
Sid and Eric.
(AKA Mrs Bernto and Miss Talbot)
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Week beginning 11.12.17
Thank you to everyone for a lovely term.  The children have worked incredibly hard and have earned a well deserved break. I wish you all a lovely Christmas and best wishes for the New Year, see you in 2018!
Week beginning 04.12.17
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Years 3/4 and Years 5/6 Tag Rugby Competition

A big well done to all the children who took part in the Inter-house Tag Rugby Competition this week. Both tournaments were held outside. The children wrapped up warm to play for their house and showed great sportsmanship and teamwork when competing in their matches. I was extremely impressed by the skills shown in these tournaments and it is clear the children have worked very hard during their P.E. lessons to improve their performance in Tag Rugby. I would like to say thank you to the parents who came to support, to Mrs Glasford, Mrs Evans and Mr Smith for organising the children both afternoons and a big thank you to Mr Meakin and Mr Gaylor for refereeing. Please see results below from all three events.

1st Place – Red House 667 points
2nd Place -Yellow House 655 points
3rd Place – Green Hose 618 points
4th Place – Blue House 611 points

 John Madejski Football Tournament
On Thursday the 30th November, our years 5 and 6 football team travelled to John Madejski Academy to take on other local schools from Reading. In our first game we were on top for 9 and ½ minutes out of 10 in which we scored a brilliant goal finished off by Sankhadeep Kar. Unfortunately, we conceded in the 30 seconds that Park Lane were in our half of the pitch, therefore the result of this game was 1-1.
Next up for us was The Hill, which is normally a tough game for us, but today we were brilliant. A great defensive effort from Sankhadeep, Voke and our AWESOME goalkeeper Prior and a great finish again from Sankhadeep. We were 1-0 up with 3 minutes to play, but with 2 penalties given away we ended up losing 2-1 despite being the best team overall.
Our last group game was against Moorlands and was by far our most complete performance. Some great tackling from Alex meant Moorlands found it extremely hard to get through to our goal. We managed to score first, from the penalty spot, after a brilliant driving run from Harlem Glasford was ended by a lunging tackle. Sankhadeep scored the penalty and added a further goal near the end to polish off this game 2-0.
This meant we went into the consolation cup, where we faced Emmer Green Primary (something of a derby for us). We started this game really positively, with some superb tackling and passing from our midfielders, Shaun-John, Lara, Imogen and Mollie Jane. Sankhadeep, actually a defender most of the day, scored his 5th goal of the day making him top scorer on our pitch. We conceded late on again and due to some bad luck we lost 2-1 on penalties.All in all, a great performance from every one on our team. You are a credit to our school, in your ability and your behaviour.
It was a pleasure to be able to see you all in action.
Regards Mr Gaylor and Mr Meakin
Week beginning 27.11.17
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A huge well done to the Years 3 and 4 pupils who came second place in the Badminton Event at Prospect School, on Thursday. The children had a fantastic day learning new skills and showing great team work during the badminton activities. A big thank you to Mrs Glasford and Mrs Evans for organising the children during the day and to Mrs Mee for supporting.

Miss Talbot


Week beginning 20.11.17
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Well done to the Years 3/4 competing in the mixed football tournament at JMA. The children had a fantastic afternoon playing against other local schools in Reading and they all worked hard to show off their football skills. A big thank you to Mr Meakin and Mr Gaylor for coaching the children.

Please can kits borrowed be returned by the beginning of next week.
Week beginning 13.11.17
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On Monday, Year 4s had their Roman Day. The learnt about what it would have been like to grow up in the Roman period and how life would have been different living in Roman Britain.
We all dressed up as Romans and took part in Roman activities: a Roman maths lesson using Roman numerals,  made Roman mosaics and tasted popular Roman foods. Take a look at the photos below.
Year 4 had a fantastic week this week.  On Tuesday, we visited Caversham Library.  The children had a tour around the library and found out how they can borrow books. They also had the opportunity to choose and read a book for the session, which they thoroughly enjoyed.  A big thank you to Caversham Library for letting us visit and to the parents who came with us.  Check out the photos below.
Week beginning 06.11.17
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This term in literacy, we will be looking at the historical narrative ‘Escape from Pompeii’. To begin the unit we will be having a Roman Day, on Monday 13th November. This is an opportunity for your child to dress up as a Roman for the day and experience what life would have been like growing up in this period. The children will also take part in a carousel of activities such as creating mosaics; trying Roman foods and building shields.
 Next week, Year 4 will be walking into Caversham and visiting Caversham Library, on Tuesday 14th November, from 1.45pm to 2.45pm. During this visit, the children will find out more about our local library and learn how to borrow books. In addition, they will also be encouraged to become members of the library once they get home.
Please complete the slip below by Friday 10th November and return to the school office. Your child must also have a completed OHA2 on record, if not please make sure one is completed and given to Mrs Kujawa. For this visit to go ahead, we also need parent helpers to walk with us. If you are available to help and would like to join us, please let Miss Talbot know.
Week beginning 30.10.17
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I hope you all had a lovely half term and are looking forward to the term ahead. Over the next few weeks, Year 4 will be preparing for their performance at The Hexagon on 22nd November.  The children have been working really hard in school but if you would like to carry on learning the songs at home, please click on this link  The password to enter this site is JMF2017
This week we have had fun looking at volcano poems and performing them, with different actions.  On Friday we created a bank of words to help us write our poems om volcanoes. Take a look at some of the words below.
Week beginning 16.10.17
               Week 6 Red Spellings
It was lovely for Mrs Houghton to see several parents at the open afternoon, I hope you enjoyed looking at your son/daughter’s books.
On Tuesday afternoon, Years 3 and 4 had a great time competing in Inter-house completion.  The children all showed great sportsmanship, when representing their house. I was especially impressed with the skills the children demonstrated during the matches and the teamwork shown. Take a look at the photos below!
Week beginning 09.10.17
               Week 5 Red Spellings
 Well done to the Year 4 boys who took part in the football tournament at Crosfields on Friday.  The children played against several schools in the local area and should be incredibly proud of their achievements. A big thank you to Mr Gaylor and Mr Cummins for taking the children and coaching them during this event.
I would also like to say a big well done to all Year 4 pupils.  This week it has been our assessment week so everyone has been working hard to show off what they have learnt this term.  I am very impressed with everyone’s hard work this term and the progress they have made, everyone should be very proud of themselves.
Week beginning 02.10.17
                Week 4 Red Spellings
This week we started our cross curricular writing, ‘A day in the life of baked beans on toast’.  First we blended the beans on toast with a bit of water and detergent (saliva) to recreate the action of chewing. When pulpy, we added half a cup of vinegar (stomach acid) and blended again. After we added a dash of red, green and yellow food colouring (bile), then mixed with a blender and added the entire contents to one leg of a pair of tights which had a small hole cut in the end. We squished and squeezed the contents to allow water to pass through the mesh. Finally, we squeezed the remaining ‘undigested’ material through the small hole (anus). How realistic is the poo? From this experience we will create our recount next week. Take a  look at the photos below.
Week beginning 25.09.17
Year 4 have had another fantastic week! I am very impressed with the standard of homework that is being handed in, it is clear that most children are taking a lot of care and time over their work. This week the children have been working hard in literacy.  We have started our new unit ‘Recounts’ and have looked at a range of texts. Next we will begin to write our own recount as if we were a fish finger travelling through the digestive system.
In maths, we have been using the column method to answer addition and subtraction calculations in word problems. Next we will be moving onto time. Please remember to bring in watches.
Learn Its –  Learn Its wc 25.09.17
                   Week 3 Red Spellings
Next term, Year 4 will be performing at the Hexagon on Wednesday 22nd November. The children are already working hard to learn the songs, but it you would like to practice with your child at home here is PowerPoint with the lyrics. Individual Songs no audio

Week beginning 18.09.17

Learn Its – Learn Its wc 18.09.17

Spellings – Week 2 Red Spellings        

                   Week 2 Green and Orange Spellings


It was lovely to see those who could make the ‘Meet the Teacher’ on Tuesday.  If you were unable to attend, please click on the link below for the presentation and the curriculum newsletter for this term.

Curriculum Newsletter Year 4

Meet the teacher 2017-18

Thank you to all the children for remembering their correct  P.E. kits this week, you all looked very smart.

Maths and Literacy Homework and reading books were given out this week. Please read with your child, recording what they have read and where they have read to. You may also want to write down the part of the story they have enjoyed and if they struggled with any text.  When your child has finished their book they must put it in the box in the classroom for it to be changed. Books can be changed every day by Mrs Gaylor.

In literacy this week, we have been innovating the poem ‘Where broccoli comes from’ adding in our own ideas and description.  The children worked in pairs to perform their poems to rest the rest of the class. We all had great fun.



 Week beginning 11.09.17

We have had a great start to the term. In literacy, we looked at the poem ‘Dangerous Raisin’ and from this wrote a recount as if we were the raisin trying to escape. You can read our recounts on the display as you walk through reception. This week we started our topic ‘Burps, Bottoms and Bile’. Have a little look at our curriculum map to see what exciting things we will be learning about this term Year 4 Curriculum Map Burps.

Well done to all the children who remembered to hand in their spelling homework on Friday. Just a reminder, Spelling and CLIC homework will be sent home on a Monday, due in for Friday, and Maths and Literacy homework will be given out on a Tuesday and should be handed in on the following Monday.  Please ensure homework is completed the highest of standards both in terms of content and presentation.   In addition, we would kindly ask parent to encourage your child to get in the habit of re-reading his/her work and editing for missing words, spelling and punctuation.

PE days are Wednesday and Friday. Please remember that you need your kit in school every day.  Kit includes a white polo t-shirt, navy shorts, navy tracksuit trousers and a navy tracksuit jumper/cardigan.

On Tuesday 19th September there will be a ‘Meet the Teacher Meeting’ in Year 4 at 3.30pm and 4.00pm.  I look forward to seeing you all there.


Many thanks,

Miss Talbot

Week beginning 04.09.17

Welcome back to a new year.  I hope you all had a fantastic summer and are all excited about the busy term ahead of us. This week, please bring in photos of your summer holidays so we can display them in our classroom.  You will also be getting Maths, Literacy and Spelling homework, so watch this space!

Miss Talbot



We are learning The Act of Faith prayer this term

O my God,
I firmly believe that you are one God
in three divine Persons,
Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.
I believe that your divine son became man,
died for our sins,
and that he will come to judge the living and the dead.
I believe these and all the truths
which the holy Catholic Church teaches,
because you who have revealed them,
who can neither deceive nor be deceived.