Week commencing 25th June 2018:

Gentle reminder that children are still expected to do one piece of homework of the homework grid. 

This week we went on our school trip to the Living Rain forest. What an exciting day!

Week commencing 18th June 2018:


Gentle Reminders

  • School Trip to the Living Rain Forest is on 27th June 
  • Year 2’s Cake Sale is on 28th June 
  • Non-School Uniform 29th June 

This week we have been enjoying OUR class treat.. Bring Your Pet to School.. 

Week commencing 11th June 2018:

This week we have been doing ACTIVE Maths and Maths investigations!


Week commencing 11th June 2018:


In order to win as a class we need to collect the most for the tombola by FRIDAY this week! 

You can bring:

  • Bottles 

  • Chocolate and all things sweet and YUMMY! 

Also this Friday it is DRESS DOWN DAY for a £1. 

Week commencing 4th June 2018:

Homework Grid for Term 6: Term Six Homework

Spellings: Term 6 – RED SPELLINGS


I hope you all had a lovely half term after all your hard work in term 5. 


Reminders for Term 6:


  • Summer uniform and summer PE Kit. 

  • Practice spellings.

  • Complete one piece of homework from the homework grid every week. 

  • Read every night for 20mins.


Week commencing 14th May 2018:

Homework week 6


Week commencing 7th May 2018:

Homework week 5

Reading week 5

We have been a little bit camera shy this week because we have been working hard on our Secret Agent Training!

We will try to take more pictures next week! 


Week commencing 30th April 2018:

Homework week 4

Maths Week 4

Reading week 4

This week in year 2 we have been working really hard to become SECRET AGENTS!

Week commencing 23rd April 2018:

Homework for this week:

Homework week 3

Maths 1 WK 3

Reading Hmk 3

This week year 2 went to the River to gain inspiration for Literacy.

Whilist we were there the children were allowed 1 hour to play in the Sandy Park for earning ALL their marbles this term.


Week commencing 16th April 2018:

Homework for this week:

Maths week 2

reading paper 2 week 2

Reading paper 1 week 2

Homework week 2

Curriculum Map for Summer 2018:

Year Two Curriculum Map Summer Term

This we in RE we learned a about Reconciliation song and in pairs we made up actions to go with the song before performing it to the rest of the class!

Last Friday we has a Criket coach come in to teach us cricket. It was a fantastic afternoon!

Website: Unfortunately whilst I was updating the website for this week somewhere I managed to delete the rest of the web page. My apologies.

Week commencing 9th April 2018:

Homework for this week:

Homework week 1

Maths Week one

Reading paper 1 week one

Reading paper 2 week one


This term in year 2 our topic is splendid skies. Therefore in topic we wanted to explore how far a balloon would travel. This week we inflated balloons with helium and each child attached a postcard to a balloon which included there name, the schools address. 
You will never guess what happened next! One of our balloons was found in  a little woods bobbing up and down in a brush ALL THE WAY IN CORK!